Clothing on Mon 10th February 2014

3:50pm Mon 10 Feb


*I am accepting orders now, order before the event expires at the end of this LAN: this is the deadline.*

If you would like CompSoc-themed clothing talk to veltas who will be at pubs and gaming during the offer, or can be contacted by email or on IRC (IRC preferably).

The clothing will be the same as the last order from over a year ago, so if you would like an example just stare at anyone who has it.

The options are:
* T-shirt £5.95
* Hoodies £12.95
* Polo shirt £9.95
* Additionally £2.50 for an embroidered name

If you request your name to be embroidered then the capitalisation will be as-is (i.e. veltas and Veltas are different) since it seems to matter to people. I will probably confirm with you if you use all lower-case since some people write like that but would not want their name actually embroidered in lower-case (unless you specify explicitly).

Embroidered name cost is for people who want an embroidered name. (obvious statement is obvious, but I had to confirm)