Academic Talk on Fri 11th October 2013

6pm Fri 11 Oct


After joining the society you get a free shell account (after requesting; info).

This talk aims to get you up to scratch on logging in, basic usage of your account, a little about how to host a webpage, file transfer, and then about IRC and how to listen to IRC persistently without leaving your computer on all the time.

The only prerequisite is that you are familiar with a modern OS, like Windows, Mac OS, GNU/Linux, ... DOS? Anything with a file system, really. And you should be familiar with "files and folders", or "files and directories" as they are also known.

Your shell account on our server can be a valuable resource, and the members who have at least a basic idea of how to use it can put it to good use. How you use it is up to you, as long as you don't eat all the CPU time constantly, or try to download the entire Twitter website.

Cheat sheets will be provided to attendees.

Signup is only for an idea of numbers, anyone may attend!

This is a basic talk, not appropriate for anyone who knows how to SSH, use persistent IRC, stick an HTML file in public_html with appropriate UNIX file reading permissions, and SFTP. More advanced talks to come later.