Pub Social on Mon 10th June 2013

7:30pm Mon 10 Jun

The Phantom Coach

Come join us in the pub for the banter, pub grub and great conversation!


Pub Socials
Every Monday during term time we hold a pub social at the Phantom Coach near the university, starting at 6:30pm. While there is, of course, some drinking involved, it’s entirely optional, and the emphasis is on having a meal together and chatting with other CompSoc members rather than getting drunk.

We’re usually found to the left of the bar, tucked away in a corner on a very long table. It’s usually pretty obvious who we are, and the staff always know that we’re there. Usually people meet up on campus to walk there, so if you’re uncomfortable finding your own way, then you might consider doing that!

Feel free to come along, even if you’re not a member of the society, if you just want to say hello or get to know a few society members, and existing members, feel free to bring along friends! We’re always happy to get new members. :)

For details on pub socials, check out the events pages, as we do occasionaly hold pub socials during the holidays, and occasionally another event will lead us to cancelling for one particular week.