Progcomp on Fri 22nd February 2013

8pm Fri 22 Feb


CompSoc have collaborated with Peter Zaborszky of Best Backups to create a 48 hour competition with fabulous prizes!

The idea will be to either work in a team of two or alone to create something technically interesting to do with backups! Sorry for being vague and mysterious but the specification won't be released until the start of the competition.

The prizes available are:

  • External hard drive, 2TB for 1 person team, 2x1TB for 2 person team

  • Online backups - 2 years membership for 1 person team, 2x1 year for 2

  • Amazon - 50 pound gift voucher for 1, 2x25 for 2.

We will be launching the competition at our gaming social, where people can come along to find a team mate or solve the problem alongside other participants. However you don't have to come along to gaming to participate - feel free to start from home as the specification will be linked to from this event page once the competition has begun.

The competition has begun! The specification can be found here