Progcomp on Sat 6th October 2012

2am Sat 06 Oct

The Internet

This summer we are holding a programming competition to write an AI for the game Bomberman. The AI can be written in any language of your choosing. The contest will take place online, with each AI being scored for its performance during the first weekend of term (01:00 6th October - 01:00 8th October). Be sure your AI is running during this time! The winner will be announced during week 2 of the new term.

Details of the server messages, scoring and template clients written in Java, C#, Python and Ruby to get you started can be found on Github. These templates are not perfect! They are just something to get you started. If bugs with the server are discovered please email us at and we will patch it.

The top three AI writers will be allowed to chose from a Kindle, a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino, with the person in 1st getting first choice and the person placing 2nd getting second choice. In addition to this they will be invited to look around IBM Warwick! The prizes will be awarded by IBM during a prize giving ceremony/networking session near the start of term 3. If you haven't won a prize you should still come along as we will be handing out mini solar powered cars to competition participants!

Ex-members are free to participate although only current students will be eligible for prizes.

Happy programming and good luck!