Progcomp on Sat 2nd June 2012

12pm Sat 02 Jun


The Internet Problem Solving Contest is an online contest for teams consisting of up to three people. Several problems will be published at the beginning of the competition. Each problem consists of a problem description and two input data sets. To solve a problem you will have to compute correct output data for the given input data sets. Usually this means that you will write a program that solves the problem, but you may produce the output by hand or in any other way.

The contest will take place from 11:00 - 16:00 on 2nd June. The contest takes 5 hours.

You must register your teams online and add your team to the signups list so we know whose scores to look at. Registrations open on 24th May here:

You are welcome to take part as a team in DCS (department of computer science) in terminal room 1 where there will be FREE PIZZA provided for lunch. Don't worry if you don't have a DCS login as accounts can be provided for the day, and feel free to bring along your own laptop if you'd rather use your own computer. However since this is an online competition you are also free to choose where to take part, as long as you only compete during those 5 hours.

There will be £100 worth of Amazon vouchers awarded to the best team.

This event is open to everyone :)

Good luck!

Website for more info: