Tournament on Mon 14th May 2012

7pm Mon 14 May

The Internet

Tournament page:

In term 3 we will be holding a Starcraft II tournament!

Matches will be played online in a group format with the semis and the final being held at BFL, our week long LAN at the end of term 3.

This tournament will be open to all society members, and we encourage people to apply no matter what league you are in!

Non society members may also play in the tournament with a fee of £3. This is the same price as the society membership fee so we encourage you to join!

The top prizes are yet to be decided but we now have 5 GG buttons up for grabs. 2 of these will be prizes for 3rd and 4th place whilst the other two will be awarded to people for feats other than winning the tournament, such as best bronze player!

We are holding a launch event for the tournament at our weekly gaming sessions on Friday 11th May from 8pm. This is a chance for non members to pay their entry fee as well as an excuse for us to play some casual Starcraft! If you can't attend the event and want to play in the tournament don't worry, just drop us an email at with your name, email and character code :)