TF2 Tournament on Thu 27th May 2010

1am Thu 27 May

The Internet

It has been brought to our attention that Valve will be supporting a community TF2 tournament aimed at those who haven't played competitively and wouldn't mind having a go without getting trounced by pros.
* Highlander means the team you field for each game is 9 people one playing each class.
* You can have 14 people assigned to each team for subs/swapping people around and what not
* Any unlock which can be earned through achievements is allowed (which is everything aside from the new chocolate bar/sledgehammer/pain train)
* A free medal will be given to anybody who competes, and if you manage to place respectively there are also special runners up/winners medals to be had.
* The aim is an introduction to competitive play so even if you only like to dabble you should try it out, you never know how much you might enjoy/learn/pwn!

There has been interest expressed by other university computing societies (including Bristol's COGS and Bath's BUNCS) with whom we could practise /team up to make up numbers. Dates given are approximate.