Christmas Meal on Fri 4th December 2009

6:30pm Fri 04 Dec

Wing Wah's

We've booked it out from 6.30pm until midnight.
Crash (rock music, union event) is on until 2am, so if people want to head there after for a few drinks, feel free!
If loud music isn't your thing and you didn't get your fill of karaoke already, head to DCS for gaming where you can experience rockband and more!

So if all you can eat chinese buffet and karaoke is your kind of thing, please don't hesitate to sign up! First come first served!

Wing Wahs is not far from campus (CV4 9EL, located on the A45) so it is walkable, but for all you lazies out there there will most likely be people meeting on campus and getting taxis together. Meet at costcutter at 6pm!