Go Karting on Thu 26th January 2006

5pm Thu 26 Jan

Mr. Karting, Leamington

We are going Go Karting! We did this last year, and far from being scary it was a brilliant social and I hadn't had so much fun in a while, so please come along to make this one even better. The plan is to complete the Mini Grand Prix event, but is dependent upon 20 people signing up to the event. This will cost £19 pounds each for students and by signing up to this event you are committing to paying the full £19 as I will have to pay a large portion of this prior to the event. Each driver will get 4 practice laps, two 6 lap heats then 12 drivers will progress to two 9 lap semifinals and then into the finals. The time is an estimate as I will make a secure booking once I know we have 20 people. Since the Track is not near a bus stop it would be greatly appreciated if anyone with cars could give lifts to people, otherwise transport will become an issue. Signups close on Thursday Week 4 (26th) at 5 pm, but please try to sign up prior to the deadline! Looking forward to seeing one and all there! :o)