Christmas Meal on Thu 17th November 2005

Thu 17 Nov

The Virgin and Castle, Kenilworth

CompSoc will be going for a Christmas meal (the full turkey and christmas pudding style deal) on Saturday at the end of week 9. The meal itself will cost 16.99, I know this sounds a lot, but for a 3 course christmas dinner it is actually quite reasonable! I can imagine we will eat at around 8 pm, however this is dependent on there being no problems with the booking! As always I will arrange bus times etc closer to the day. It would be great to see lots of people there!Signups will close on Wednesday so I can actually book us a table! If anyone wants any more information please email me at Rough Menu: Starters - Tomato and Basil Soup, Kake Age Vegetable Fritter, Ham Roulade, Mixed Sushi. Main - Stuffed Roast Turkey & Trimmings, Pan fried rib eye steak, seafood skewer, roast vegetable and brie plait, Tori Chizu Muki (Chicken, veg & Cheese). Dessert - Christmas Pud, Chocolate Caramel Fudge Cake (!!!), Tempura Ice Cream, Cheese & Buscuits. All Meals include a coffee and mince pie. (apologies for spellings, they are all as found on the board)