History of LAN music servers

"One of the LAN traditions is the music server. The main LAN computer - dijkstra - powers LAN and also a web interface to which members can queue whatever YouTube video they like. As you can imagine, this resolves in an 'interesting' mixture of content - from actual good music to horrible outdated memes.

The content of the music server is not the discussion here, however. Instead, we focus on the software running the server itself. For the majority of CompSoc's lifetime, the software has been pretty standard and lasted a while. More recently, however, there has been an arms race to create the next big server by many members. Today we will document every music server created for LAN by CompSoc members.

Heed my warning, however, for herein lies the path of madness. Many have tried to create a music server and many have failed - notice the large amount of unfinished and/or unnamed servers in this list. Should future exec hear rumors of the underlings attempting to stage a music server-based coup, please add their name to the hall of shame here.


- kirby (UWCS Secretary 2016-2017)