The Wonderful Exec of our Marvellous Society

The exec team as a whole can be reached at

Our Exec Members

President: Ryan Murray

Ryan (President)

Hi! I'm currently taking the MSc course for Computer Science. I'm in charge of general administration and planning for the society. Academically, I'm primarily interested in software development and optimisation. Outside of study I'm a big fan of video games and Tabletop RPGs. I try to attend as many of our in-person events as possible, and I can usually be reached via our Discord. Ryan Murray

Discord: @Andromeda#8509

Gaming Coordinator/Welfare Officer: John Blundell

John (Gaming Coordinator/Welfare)

Email: /

Discord: @Jlobblet#0621

Academic Coordinator/Publicity Officer: Dan Catchpole

Dan (Academic Coordinator/Publicity)

Hi I'm Dan, a student over in MathSys doing an MSc (then hopefully a PhD related to Multimodal Machine Learning using Graph Neural Networks)! In the society I'm gonna be organising talks and other such academic events (if you have ideas for events let me know!), along with my side act of designing some of the graphics you might see around. On the academic side I'm a big fan of most things related to machine learning, networks and mathematical modelling! On the gaming side I'll play pretty much anything, especially grand strategy games (EU4!) Dan Catchpole

Email: /

Discord: @DCatcher#3027

Secretary: Toby Lawrance

Toby (Secretary)

Hi, I'm Toby, I'm a 4th year CS. I like robots, they're neato. Toby Lawrance

Discord: @Nightingale33#2285

Treasurer: Amelie Wells Dion

Amelie (Treasurer)

Hi, I'm Amelie. I'm a fourth-year CS student and an avid wearer of hats and enjoy graph theory and game design. If you're interested in sponsoring the society please get in touch. Amelie WD

Discord: @distributive law#5486

Women's Officer: Daisy Kennedy

Daisy (Women's Officer)

Discord: @Aik#0923

Tech Officer:
Thomas Bruce

Thomas (Tech Officer)

Hi, I'm Thomas, a 4th year computer scientist, and I'm this year's Tech Officer. I'm responsible for the running and maintenance of this society's equipment, including our website hosting and server cluster. If you have any questions about anything we run, or would like help with any of the things we offer (especially if you need a change to the web server config) feel free to get in touch. Thomas Bruce

Discord: @thebruce#4808

Social Secretary: Scott Wilson

Scott (Social Secretary)

Discord: @Cyantist#0402