The Wonderful Exec of our Marvellous Society

Our Exec Members

The exec team as a whole can be reached at

President: Keegan Rimmington

Discord: @Keegan#9109

The President acts as a representative of the society, and ensures smooth operation of day-to-day society activities

  • Heading meetings and managing the exec team
  • Representing the society in an official capacity
  • Planning and running events

Gaming Coordinators: Jacob Coates, Laurence Reynolds, Constantinos Ladd

Discord: @Onion#1441 , @Panini Cupcake#8845 , @Sponge#4649

The Gaming Coordinator handles organising gaming events within the society. This includes:

  • Running Friday Night Gaming
  • Running LAN parties
  • Contacting and scheduling setup for LANs, such as room booking and power management
  • Managing the society's gaming hardware and collection of games
  • Managing our local games library for Friday Night Gaming

Academic Coordinators: Max McIntyre, Sam Chee, Alia Meek

Discord: @MaxM#8358, @spchee#9590, @Alia#5587

The Academic Coordinator handles the organisation of academic events within the society, this includes:

  • Finding 'internal' speakers, i.e. current and past members of the society
  • Liaising with the external sponsors to identify when and what they may want to give an event on
  • Try to ensure there are minimal clashes with DCS timetabled lectures/seminars and other major events
  • Smoothing over any technical issues that might occur when dealing with external events

Secretary: Owen Connors

Discord: @EricTheLemur#8899

The Secretary handles most administrative details

  • Taking the minutes at exec meetings
  • Booking rooms for society events
  • Writing the newsletter

Treasurers: Alex Furmston, Joey Harrison

Discord: @funkeypigeon#4350, @Joeyh021#4140

The job of the Treasurer is to handle the finances of the society. This means:

  • Being responsible for the budget, and the allocation of our funds
  • Signing money request forms to access our budget
  • Getting in touch with and maintaining relationships with sponsors
  • Acting as the point of contact between sponsors and the SU for the purposes of signing contracts
  • Reporting on the budget at the AGM

Gender Inclusivity Officer: Preya Thaker, Jenny Hutchins

Discord: @Preya#5523, @SHARKSSSSSSSSSSSS#4693

The role of the Gender Inclusivity Officer is to:

  • Create and maintain a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for minority genders within the society
  • Promote initiatives and events beneficial to minority genders through society channels
  • Interact with the department to help them to run Women in STEM events

Tech Officers: skiros Habib, Felix Bowyer, Adam Skrzymowski

Discord: @skiros#8738 , @efbicief#3835, @adam2#7498

The Tech Officer is responsible for managing all of the technical resources provided to our members

  • Responding to member account queries
  • Maintenance and updates of our server cluster
  • Maintenance and deployment of our ancillary hardware for gaming and LAN
  • Maintaining and updating our websites
  • Provide technical support for our web hosting
  • Ensure the smooth operation at special events run by the society

Social Secretaries: skiros Habib, Mat Knight, Kunal Shah

Discord: @skiros#8738, @MAT#7575, @Alphex#6214

The Social Secretary is responsible for:

  • Organising any non-educational and non-gaming events
  • Organising our weekly pub social
  • Running an end of term meal every term
  • Finding new members to join the society
  • Running cross-society events
  • Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of members during socials

Publicity Officers: Brendan Bell, Ella Horne, Andreea Nicolae


Discord: @codethulu#3034, @SH4D0WR1D3R#7857, @andreea#9749

The Publicity Officer is responsible for:

  • Ensuring society members are aware of events of the upcoming week
  • Creating graphics for various events and schedules throughout the term
  • Maintaining use of the society's social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

Welfare: Ella Horne

Discord: @SH4D0WR1D3R#7857

The Welfare Officer is responsible for:

  • Being the first point of call between exec and members regarding welfare issues or concerns
  • Signposting anyone to appropriate welfare support where needed