Exec Members

The exec team as a whole can be reached at exec@uwcs.co.uk.

President: Matthew Knight

Email: president@uwcs.co.uk

The President acts as a representative of the society, and ensures smooth operation of day-to-day society activities

Secretary: Serene Alrawi

Email: secretary@uwcs.co.uk

The Secretary handles most administrative details

Treasurers: Joshua Fitzmaurice, Icen Zeyada

Email: treasurer@uwcs.co.uk

The job of the Treasurer is to handle the finances of the society. This means:

Academic Coordinators: Alia Meek, Edmund Goodman, Gareth Ma

Email: academic@uwcs.co.uk

The Academic Coordinator handles the organisation of academic events within the society, this includes:

Gaming Coordinators: Joshua Rawlings, Samit Awal, Lewis Parry

Email: gaming-coordinator@uwcs.co.uk

The Gaming Coordinator handles organising gaming events within the society. This includes:

Inclusivity Officers: Morgan Kippen, Andreea Nicolae, Preya Thaker

Email: inclusivity@uwcs.co.uk

The role of the Gender Inclusivity Officer is to:

Tech Officers: Joel Coulon, Alex Wright, Adam Skrzymowski, Josh Heng

Email: tech@uwcs.co.uk

The Tech Officer is responsible for managing all of the technical resources provided to our members

Publicity Officers: Oliver Cordeaux, Henry Gao

Email: publicity@uwcs.co.uk

The Publicity Officer is responsible for:

Social Secretaries: Ivan Kudryavtsev, Shivani Dave

Email: socials@uwcs.co.uk

The Social Secretary is responsible for:

Welfare Officer: Alia Meek

Email: welfare@uwcs.co.uk

The Welfare Officer is responsible for: