The Wonderful Exec of our Marvellous Society

The exec team as a whole can be reached at <>.

Our Exec Members

Ryan (President)

President: Ryan Murray <> @Andromeda#8509

John (Gaming Coordinator/Welfare)

Gaming Coordinator: John Blundell  <> @Jlobblet#0536

Welfare Officer: <>

Dan (Academic Coordinator/Publicity)

Academic Coordinator: Dan Catchpole  <> @DCatcher#3027

Publicity Officer: <>

Toby (Secretary)

Secretary: Toby Lawrance <> @Nightingale33#2285

Amelie (Treasurer)

Treasurer: Amelie Wells Dion <> @distributive law#5486

Thomas (Tech Officer)

Tech Officer: Thomas Bruce <> @thebruce#4808

Scott (Social Secretary)

Social Secretary: Scott Wilson <> @Cyantist#0402

Daisy (Women&#x27;s Officer)

Women's Officer: Daisy Kennedy <> @Aik#0923