The Wonderful Exec of our Marvellous Society

The exec team as a whole can be reached at

Our Exec Members

President: Josh Davies

Josh + Blahaj (Pres 2021)

Hi, I'm Josh. I do stuff and break things. I also live in a pineapple under the Atlantic Ocean. Through my roles here, you will see me campaign for more Blahaj's. - Josh

Discord: @Koala#2585

The President acts as a representative of the society, and ensures smooth operation of day-to-day society activities

  • Heading meetings and managing the exec team
  • Representing the society in an official capacity
  • Planning and running events

Gaming Coordinator: Skiros

Discord: @skiros#8738

The Gaming Coordinator handles organising gaming events within the society. This includes:

  • Running Friday Night Gaming
  • Running LAN parties
  • Contacting and scheduling setup for LANs, such as room booking and power management
  • Managing the society's gaming hardware and collection of games
  • Managing our local games library for Friday Night Gaming

Academic Coordinator: Keegan Rimmington

Discord: @Keegan#9109

The Academic Coordinator handles the organisation of academic events within the society, this includes:

  • Finding 'internal' speakers, i.e. current and past members of the society
  • Liaising with the external sponsors to identify when and what they may want to give an event on
  • Try to ensure there are minimal clashes with DCS timetabled lectures/seminars and other major events
  • Smoothing over any technical issues that might occur when dealing with external events


We've distributed this role among the exec for the remainder of this year. Don't worry! You can still use the email below or drop any one of us a DM on Discord and we'll be happy to help!


The Secretary handles most administrative details

  • Taking the minutes at exec meetings
  • Booking rooms for society events
  • Writing the newsletter

Treasurer: John Blundell

John Blundell (Treasurer 2021/2)

Discord: @Jlobblet#0621

The job of the Treasurer is to handle the finances of the society. This means:

  • Being responsible for the budget, and the allocation of our funds
  • Signing money request forms to access our budget
  • Getting in touch with and maintaining relationships with sponsors
  • Acting as the point of contact between sponsors and the SU for the purposes of signing contracts
  • Reporting on the budget at the AGM

Women's Officer: Ella Horne

Hi, I'm Ella/Shadow. I am the goose overlord. I can promise not to burn anything down with my goose army while here. Feel free to message me with any concerns. - Ella/Shadow

Discord: @SH4D0WR1D3R#7857

The role of the Women's Officer is to:

  • Create and maintain a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere for women within the society
  • Promote initiatives and events beneficial to women through society channels
  • Interact with the department to help them to run Women in STEM events

Tech Officer: Leo

Discord: @Rawr XD#1752

The Tech Officer is responsible for managing all of the technical resources provided to our members

  • Responding to member account queries
  • Maintenance and updates of our server cluster
  • Maintenance and deployment of our ancillary hardware for gaming and LAN
  • Maintaining and updating our websites
  • Provide technical support for our web hosting
  • Ensure the smooth operation at special events run by the society

Social Secretary: Scott Wilson

Scott (Social Secretary)

Discord: @Cyantist#0402

The Social Secretary is responsible for:

  • Organising any non-educational and non-gaming events
  • Organising our weekly pub social
  • Running an end of term meal every term
  • Finding new members to join the society
  • Running cross-society events
  • Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of members during socials

Welfare: Josh Davies

Discord: @Koala#2585

The Welfare Officer is responsible for:

  • Being the first point of call between exec and members regarding welfare issues or concerns
  • Signposting anyone to appropriate welfare support where needed