Code of Conduct

Be sure to follow our Code of Conduct on our Discord, on any of our other public platforms, and at our events!

Failure to follow our code of conduct in any of our channels or at any of our events can result in expulsion from individual events or the society as a whole. Exec may enforce these rules at their discretion, and their decision is final. If they ask you to stop doing something, please stop doing it.

  1. We aim to be a welcoming society. As such please be friendly to newcomers. If you see someone at an event feeling left out, invite them to join you!
  2. The Society values inclusivity. Do not say anything derogatory or defamatory. This includes, but is not limited to: racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic language.
  3. Respect people’s personal space. That extends to taking photos at our events. We will always ask for permission if we want to take any promotional photos, so we ask you do the same.
  4. Please clean up after yourself at our events. Do your part to ensure any venues we host events in are in the same condition at the end of an event as it is at the start.
  5. The Society is open to members of all skill levels and backgrounds. Don’t assume knowledge is general. Don’t disparage someone seeking help via the Society’s channels or events. Instead, try and be helpful.
  6. Respect people’s pronouns. If someone asks you to use specific pronouns, please do.
  7. Our online platforms are not marketplaces or bulletin boards. Refrain from unsolicited commercial advertisements, and please do not attempt to sell things. If there is something you want advertised please contact a member of the exec.
  8. We have a zero-tolerance policy to bullying and harassment. If you see anyone being bullied or harassed at any event, or on any of our online platforms, please let a member of the Exec know.
  9. Please avoid discussing volatile topics, such as political discussions, during our events. While using our online services keep politics and current affairs to their respective channels. a. While using our online services keep politics and current affairs to their respective channels b. On our online services, please keep discussion relevant to the channel it is taking place in c. Check channel descriptions to see if there are any channel-specific conventions
  10. Do not share explicit, disturbing, or distressing content on any of our official platforms. If in doubt, don’t share it. For example: a. No pornography b. No nudity c. No gore d. No violence e. No footage of people dying
  11. Don’t share any content on our Discord server illegal under UK law. This includes, but is not limited to: a. Pirated content b. Doxing users (posting personal details without a subject’s permission)
  12. Respect each other’s opinions. You don’t have to agree with other people to be nice to them. Accept that not everything you believe is shared by everyone.