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The University of Warwick Computing Society is a free-to-join academic society open to anyone with an interest in computing, technology, or gaming.

We host weekly socials and gaming events, and weekend-long LAN parties twice a term. We also regularly run workshops, hackathons, and talks; with past speakers including Warwick graduates, and guests from Google, LSEG, TPP, and IBM.

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Recent News

Term 3 Week 9 Newsletter

Posted on 21st June 2021

We're nearing the end of the term, but newsletters never change! It's the week 9 newsletter!

Week 3 Term 8 Exec Meeting Minutes

Posted on 15th June 2021

It's time for another exec meeting! Lots of exciting things coming up today...

Term 3 Week 8 Newsletter

Posted on 14th June 2021

Apparently it's week 8 now, I'm still clueless but here's the week 8 newsletter!

Term 3 Week 7 Newsletter

Posted on 7th June 2021

Exams are nearly done, freedom is edging closer, here's another newsletter for you!

Term 3 Week 6 Newsletter

Posted on 31st May 2021

We're halfway there, only 10 million more exams to go! In other news, it's time for this week's newsletter!