Week 9 Term 2 Exec Meeting Minutes

Posted on 10th March 2021

Present: Amelie, Dan, John, Josh, Keegan, Leo, Ryan, Ella, Skiros, Thomas, Toby

Absent: Daisy, Scott

Upcoming events

Lightning talks -

  • Dan has managed to get 2 talks next Thursday but someone has dropped out.
  • Matt too busy. Tom? If anyone has an interesting talk to give (10-15 mins) get in touch with Dan. 7pm Thursday 18th.
  • Titles/synopsis ready for Monday to add to schedule.
  • Discord only? 50 people limit, but potential issues arising from using Teams. TBD how to stream it (central channel or restream). 50 people per stream, not per channel. Might as well use Discord only

Shrek marathon -

  • Shrek 1 & 2 returning Netflix ~1st Apr, could be fun event. Amelie will run if we go ahead
  • Other Shrek films on table? 3 and 4 never removed from Netflix.
  • Poll for date
  • Shrek spinoffs?
  • Exec rota? Really??

Anything else? -

  • Hmm bit hard to do end of term meal virtually

Academic events

Revision help? -

  • Don't fully focus on particular modules, good chance of modules changing with curriculum review. Focus on specific topics instead, e.g. graph theory
  • Proper one on how to debug things could be good
  • Spark notes type thing? Keegan - maybe more involved. Ideally a brief summary of the topic, maybe some examples + questions and worked solutions
  • Who would be writing these? Lots of us busy in T3... Maybe more over Summer, Keegan happy to do a few and welcome others to help. Planning for next year
  • Main reason we haven't done module-specific in the past - department not keen on the idea for "reasons". Historically been against dedicated module things, but general things they seem happy.
  • Few years since we asked last...
  • Collate options for these - git, latex, diagnosing errors, testing etc. Medium soft skills universal across modules but not taught in modules. Static resource to hand out would be nice.
  • Template would be useful.
  • Languages - could point to tutorials already existing. Java though? Basically stuff is online or too in depth for us to create
  • Request for comment, poll, survey, form type thing to get ideas.
  • TLDR: Can't do modules but can cover basic concepts.
  • Modules - ask organisers direct as opposed to DCS? Only if module is both worth doing to that extent and organiser would be happy. Probably not worth it.


  • Typically start of term 3 is official handover
  • Typically when SU do handover too
  • ~19th April
  • Paperwork covered, moving over perms etc
  • Tech officers have a much bigger handover


  • It happened!
  • Lots of people were busy but pretty good turnout.
  • Everyone was tired, but we did around the right amount of stuff.
  • Quiz went quite well, good fun. Hopefully can continue them back in person
  • Movie night also happened. It was fine, we watched movies.

Inter-Community Syndication Server (Thomas' name, Amelie is taking no credit)

  • Tabletop have nice external announcements. Instead of posting directly, post to shared server and we share externally. In exchange, we write some of them.
  • Using "community severs" feature in Discord.
  • Specifically LGBTQ+ weeks, SU events
  • Some incoming exec happy to help. No real objections

warwick.gg domain

  • Currently UWCS own this domain and it only hosts the LAN seating plan. Nothing is being done with it right now.
  • Also used for WASD home page (wasd.warwick.gg)
  • Do we want to hold on to this, or give it specifically to WASD?
  • Moving off warwick.gg is going to be a bit hard, as it deals with payments. Do we have a need for charging for non-members? Reasoning was to be a slight discouragement for non-members taking up spots and never going.
  • Thomas - personally keep hold of warwick.gg. If WASD want their own they can get their own. Running LAN is very different from society website.
  • General thought is good to keep it for the future.


  • Vote unanimous to continue with WASD


  • Benji - "When are we going to hold Ryan accountable for his crimes?"
  • Rumblings of hackathon after pandemic, "welcome backathon"?? (great name Alex, love it) "maybe we could call it `whack!`" or "whack 2021"
    • Would be difficult to organise
    • March didn't get a lot of traction. If it was done in a better time could work better
    • How big could we go? LIB2 seats 40 comfortably, 70 in LAN. LIB1 might be rubble right now
    • External members - what are the regulations on this? Game Design have run global game jam and have had external people. If no prizes, SU may be fine. Security would maybe be an issue?
      • WASD have had externals before
      • If sponsor provides prize it can go to whoever
    • Create a new legal entity "Definitely Not UWCS Ltd", sponsor UWCS and then we are good.
    • We have had 2 LANs interrupted by fire alarms - what have you all been doing?
    • "hack out the specifics"...
    • TLDR TLDR something.......
  • We need a gavel, but not for Ryan so he doesn't smash his glass desk

The good bits...

"Who's the head of this meeting - me or you?" Ryan

"John you aren't even treasurer yet!" Amelie

"I kill meeting" Ryan