Week 8 Term 3 Exec Meeting Minutes

Posted on 15th June 2021

Present: Amelie, Ella, Josh, Keegan, Scott, Skiros

Apologies: Leo

Definitely not in a game of Valorant: John


  • Monday 28th June -> Friday 2nd July


  • Quiz
    • Keegan to run, John around to mark answers
    • If you want to write a round, indicate so in #exec and send questions to Keegan soonTM
  • Movie night
    • I'm running it. Everything will work as intended. And no I will not be betting on that.
    • Generally recommend bad movies. Skrekathon 2.0?
    • Shrekathonathon is an idea???
  • Tournaments
    • Racing tournament - Keegan?
    • Trash indie games tournament - Keegan?
      • things like stick fighters, other weird things.
      • Quite a limited pool of free games. If we can get cheap and refund maybe it's viable.
      • Garfield Kart happened in previous years?
      • Keegan/Amelie to investigate. If anyone finds anything thar can work chuck them in #exec.
      • No shame in coming last in this (because I will)
      • Could always merge with racing
    • Valorant/CSGO/misc. shooter - Skiros
    • Smash/misc fighting games?
      • No one seems to know much.
    • Hearthstone?
      • This is usually something that happens naturally, so probably won't officially organise something
    • Minecraft competition? - Skiros
      • Skiros to talk to MineSoc exec, Keegan can also discuss
      • Adventure map really not viable in the time we have
  • Other events
    • Social events (Jackbox etc)
    • Tabletop games
      • can also include things like Civ
    • Geoguesser will happen anyway

General schedule

  • Monday
    • Open Minecraft comp
    • Social games
  • Tuesday
    • Fighting games tournament
    • Quiz
    • Movie
  • Wednesday
    • Indie games tournament
    • Valorant 5v5
  • Thursday
    • Racing games
    • Tabeletop
  • Friday
    • End MC comp
    • Gaming (TTT?)

Guideline timetable for BFL
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Minecraft Competition Minecraft Competition Minecraft Competition Minecraft Competition Minecraft Competition
Afternoon Fighting Games Tournament Indie Games Tournament Racing Games
Evening Social Games Quiz & Movie Night Valorant 5v5 Tabletop Games General Gaming

Other things

  • Server will be turned into usual LAN sate.
  • Remember to announce tournaments early enough for downloads to happen (blame resnet)
  • We should probably not call it a LAN? Easy to describe it, hard to succinctly describe it
    • Post Exam Events - PEE.
    • How about Post Exam Extravaganza?
    • Loads of other more memorable versions.
    • It's called PEE... (in the announcement)
    • Summer LAN with tagline is the final decision
    • 3 of the 7 present exec voted for PEE. Let that be known,


  • Discord, Facebook, WISA.
  • Any other soc discords?

End of Term Social

  • Phantom Coach - 6pm Monday wk 10 (28th June)?
  • COVID?
    • options are really requiring 2 negative tests and/or a vaccine.
    • we don't really want to make this decision but it will be on our conscience if COVID were to spread
    • LFD tests aren't the most accurate but do provide some protection.
    • question now is do we make this an organised thing or not?
    • we have no confidence with this really.
    • cancel booking, people can unofficially go if they want and take the risk themselves.

Future Events


  • Women in STEM and Women in Engineering - discuss later
  • MineSoc hosting? - waiting on them, discuss later

Summer events

  • Summer events - discuss later



  • Akuma have confirmed our catalogue.
  • Sam has provided the old order Google Form
  • Theoretically ready to order
  • If anyone really wants to add anything let Amelie know.


  • Organised with Alex


  • Current plan is 150 ducks with the new flag design
  • Waiting on seller to confirm viability


  • UWCS SVG got
  • Pride SVG - waiting for Tankski, Amelie to ping
  • UWUS SVG - Ares to maybe design OC characters
  • Mascot/Flag trivial
  • Pronoun badges - probably not worth the hassle?

SU Order Form

  • Waiting for response from SU
  • Is it compatible with our needs?


  • Leo isn't here, putting this one off for now.
  • John spoke with DB - keen to sponsor an event. Might try with the hackathon.
    • Try and get Leo in touch with them

Big Screen Advertising

  • We got an email, we might make a video advertising UWCS to be shown on the big screen in the piazza.
  • Keegan


  • Turing's birthday. Amelie to let WISA know.
    • It's not during BFL

Action Points

  • John to get on the minibus thing way down the line
  • Skiros - talk to MineSoc re BFL
  • Discuss events later
  • Keegan to look into video for the big screen
  • Amelie to finalise sticker SVGs
  • Amelie to prod WISA re Turing's birthday
  • Investigate indie games for tournament
  • Josh to do something for movies
  • Scott to cancel Phoach

Quotes because quotes

  • "It's free and it looks like garbage" - Amelie
  • "This LAN party is sponsored by Nord VPN" - Amelie
  • "akuma matata" - Alex
  • "no comment" - Ella