Week -2 Term 1 Exec Meeting Minutes

Posted on 16th September 2021

Present: Josh, John, Ella, Keegan, Skiros, Leo

Apologies: Scott

Welcome Week

  • Keegan is finishing the lab sheet and cheat sheet thingy. Should be done soon and will post for feedback. Once that is done, Josh to forward to Sara to be uploaded.
  • Josh/Keegan to update slides as DCS systems are being updated. Once done, Keegan to pre-record a session that can be uploaded to the Welcome Week moodle page.
  • Need to do slides for our welcome talk. Possibly include brief overview of key people in your studies etc. Keegan/Josh to get this done
  • Friday Night Gaming still has question marks over it’s head (someone draw this pls, I will be eternally grateful). Still waiting for confirmation from Paul/DCS about whether we can use the ground floor labs for this, Welcome Team are chasing. Contingency plan is to run online although this obviously isn’t ideal. Josh to chase again and try and get all downstairs labs as this increases capacity (hopefully to 90, over 30 people have already booked at the time of the meeting) + allows to spread more people out further.
    • Won’t be running VR for now due to COVID
  • Talks are only available to freshers in-person due to timetable limitations, however livestreams + gaming should be available for everyone. We’ll be recording the talks too as we are using Teams live events
  • Returners Fair running on the Piazza weekend of WWK. Let’s do Saturday, 12-6. If nothing happens we can get pizza!
  • Socs fairs running on open days. £77 to societies for attending. Let’s sign up for them, could be fun!
  • Actual socs fair coming out tomorrow. Will set up a rota once we know what day we are doing.
  • Would be nice to do an exec meeting during this week, could also be in-person?

Term 1 Events

  • Let’s organise LANs! Tabletop Weekends are W3+W9 so let’s avoid those. Historically ran LANs W4+W8, but both around coursework deadlines? Would also be nice to try and run one closer to the start of term as a Freshers LAN sorta thing.
    • Running W2 and W7, dates pencilled in.
  • Will need to book LIB2 once bookings open. Remember about special things re power and all that.
  • Plan to run 2 Lightning Talks during T1 spread evenly. Lots of interest in people running talks so we’re good on that front. Keegan to chat to those interested in talking to organise times.
  • Could also be nice to run some longer talks as well, Keegan to chat to people too!
  • Might try and advertise a bit that people are welcome to approach us to run talks… will see how that one goes
  • Still all happy to run pub from Wk1 Monday’s onwards. Josh to chat to Scott about getting that booked and going
  • Ella’s going ahead and planning a picnic event, will probs be Wk1 or 2 and just a chill thing. Waiting to see what timetables are like before deciding on a final date.
  • CompSoc vs Tabletop Laser Tag is in progress. Josh to catch up with Anakin to get this organised


  • We sort of forgot about this at the end of Term 3 and it didn’t get picked up by anyone. It would be nice to try and get this sorted.
  • We already have shirt/hoodie designs, flag design et al so most of the way there.
  • Josh/someone to pick this up and hopefully get somewhere with it in the first few weeks of term.


  • Keegan is still working on transition problems, hope to have them up in Wk1. Will send around once they are done for people to comment on.
  • Might also be good to have some resources for Git/LaTeX. Sam was working on some, and this idea was shared by a few people a while back. Try and pick this one back up?
  • Josh needs to get a gavel.

Key quotes:

  • “Written in PHP” - John, “aaahhhhhhh“ - Keegan
  • “It will be fine” - Josh, “It will not be fine” - Josh, 5 seconds later
  • “Whether the pomegranate has ripened” - Josh