Week 14 Term 2 Exec Meeting Minutes

Posted on 14th April 2021

Well hello there! This is known as "exec meeting feat. exactly 5 minutes of discord restructuring talk"

Present: Amelie, Dan, Keegan, Josh, Leo, Ryan, Ella, Thomas, Toby, Skiros

Absent: Daisy, Scott

Car: John

Welcome Week events

  • There was a meeting this morning... there's currently a cap of 25 in, 30 out. If you want a larger event ask for it and you may end up getting it.
  • Please can all SU officers cure the pandemic.
  • Socs fair Wed/Thurs - societies will only attend one day
  • You can book outdoor places but there's no actual procedure for booking them
  • Events can be split/merged if they are in the same location (in person/online)
  • 26th April, no late submissions pls & thx

  • Yes this is early, who knows why?
  • We have until 26th April to add events to the timetable.
  • Last WW was "different" and we have no idea what it will be like. Sorry about that...
  • What do we feel comfortable planning?
  • LAN -> not really feeling a split across rooms. Maybe chuck in, not worry about details and see what happens closer to the time. Aim to run a normal LAN (week 1?) and move online if we need to. NOT HAPPENING WELCOME WEEK. Gaming as normal in Wk0, try and run in person but otherwise do online
  • Linux or Git Good with workshop afterwards? Try to book an in-person room. DCS will probably ask us to run Linux talks again.
  • Lightning talks happening, confirm exact talks nearer the time
  • We have no idea how this is going to work. I know we said that but I'm going to continue to bring this up.
  • Movie nights can be in person but better suited to online. Also bit iffy legally.
  • What is a pub? Can't really happen in person, not much confidence in it right now.
  • Scavenger/treasure hunt? Could be done across uni but can we get away with it? What would the things to look for be?
  • Pub quiz type thing? Could maybe get it sponsored for prizes.
  • Could do a general welcome to the society event (glue to all events?), hey we're the exec and we do stuff!
  • Possible sequel to Git in term 2? Beyond us for now.

  • Keegan's been creating some transition problems - will share in exec for feedback
  • Ella is now officially "Geese Officer"

Summary for Welcome Week: Finalise details and upload to Welcome Week timetable ASAP

  • Academic
    • Linux 101 (probably be asked by department?)
    • Git Gud (Sam to return)
    • Lightning Talks (lecturers?)
    • Attach a brief "meet the exec" intro to each talk in welcome week
    • Coding challenge
  • Gaming
    • Gaming Wk0
  • Social
    • Pub (only if in person)
    • Scavenger/treasure hunt (in person)
    • Quiz (IRL or online)
  • Misc
    • LAN Wk1 (not welcome week so don't need to worry)

Academic events

  • We ripped this from previous agendas (I can't spell the other word)
  • Haven't had many sponsor talks this year (probably due to online).
  • Could we run some larger AoC? Coming up with problems is hard, could always use past AOC problems. Keegan has some ideas right now but it will run dry
  • SU rules are bad for prizes.
  • Leaderboard could discourage long term commitment.
  • We don't always want/need more CS theory outside of the degree
  • Matt? Pls can we have Matt?
  • Michael - please also come back!
  • Talks are good chances for DCS to advertise optional modules

Next Lightning talks

  • Sleepless do karaoke with Josh (that's me!!) writing
  • Leo - web dev, such as React?
  • + something/someone else. 3 is a good amount? Pls volunteer as tribute, it keeps me happy. Could ask Sinjo?
  • Wk3 Term 3 has no exams. Earlier is considered better, probably afternoon or evening
  • Would be nice to get younger years involved in the future.

Action: sort out 3rd talk, finalise date and then advertise

Discord Changes - lightning round

  • 5 minutes! Starting now...
  • Pretty much everyone is around
  • Do it on handover? Pres/Ex-exec roles will still be there so Amelie can get the screenshot
  • 3min 46s remaining
  • We can move stuff back if it doesn't work, this isn't set in stone forever, but pls no repeats of the last meetings.
  • Contact Faux with list of changes (CSV file?, just channel IDs as we are changing it) -> John is sorting this
  • Faux's name is pronounced "forks" -> very important note
  • 1min 1 s left - any burning questions?
  • YAY!

Action summary: changes to be made on Monday 19th (same day as exec handover). John to speak to Faux re IRC links


  • We have sponsors, they give us money, it's all good.
  • Reminder for Amelie to tell John that he needs to start looking into renewing sponsor deals from next month.
  • New sponsors: Raid Shadow Legends????? (jk)
  • Could we find companies that want to do academic events?

Action: Amelie to speak to John

Any other points?

  • see ya later outgoing exec! But seriously, thank you so much for all you've done! Maybe we will actually be able to do an exec handover meal eventually. One day, even if it's in 100 years time...
  • Shoutout to the 141 CULT

Haskell good, Java bad, bottom text, we're done

*drops mic*

More quotes out of context

"Yell 4 letter words" - Amelie (this coincided with lots of 4 letter words in the exec channel that I am not recording here, but it was not spam)

"I like Calpol" - Toby

"Toby is a drug mule" - Amelie

"I've got to get the screenshot" - Amelie

"Why is this note even here?" - Ryan

"One could call it Uber for Employment" - Ryan

"SHUT UP JOHN" - Amelie