Week 12 Term 2 Exec Meeting Minutes

Posted on 1st April 2021

Henlo (insert wave here)

Present: Amelie, Dan, John, Josh, Keegan, Leo, Ryan, Ella, Skiros, Scott, Toby

Apologies: Thomas

Absent: Daisy

See last week's minutes for a summary of where we got to

Stage channels are pretty cool. We'll decide what to do about keeping the channel permanently at some point, doesn't really matter.

Discord Layout 2: Electric Boogaloo

IRC continuation

  • General thing from #participation-discussion was the cliquiness of IRC/the server in general
  • First years wanted somewhere where they could talk to each other but also a limited number of older years as there are a lot of graduates etc in the server.
  • Having a "directory" giving a description for each channel would be a good idea which may help with some of the thoughts about what channels are for. Potentially merge with #roles? I.E. here's these channels and what they are. if you want to join click here.
  • Link to academic channels discussion (ACTION POINTS BELOW)
    • rename #first-year to freshers
    • rename academia/undergrad channels, move #second-year and #third-year to public archive
    • rename #fourth-year to #masters

Renaming #exec???

  • Has this been raised before? This is mitigated by many other things we are thinking of doing e.g. channels guide, rewriting guide to discord
  • #exec will be used more often for public discussion
  • Bi-annual general meeting anyone??
  • Nope, not renaming. Moving on..... (please save me)

Info & Announcemnts

  • Idea: rename #opportunities to #sponsors, only sponsored posts. Any other external posts go in #external-announcements.
  • No opposition, move on (ACTION: do above point)
  • Merge schedule and announcements? #schedule can't get buried with announcements etc. No
  • Rewrite message in #welcome? Probs needs updating, maybe something to look into behind the scenes. Generally is updated once a year

Misc stuff

  • Remane misc to optional/opt-in, make everything in it opt-in (besides #bot-commands and #exec)
    • #opt-in-channels for getting access to channels, opt in channels in alphabetical
  • Having voice channels near top is good, makes us look active :D
  • Move #bot-channels and #exec to general category -> YES DO THIS (who knows if we decided on this for #tech)
  • #tech -> mainly general tech, not compsoc specific stuff.
  • Aka bunch more opt in channels and category channels to allow opt in? Descriptions of each channel will go in there <- THIS
  • Group #music and #media into one role
    • Kinda separate, division is fine. No change
    • #anime is separate because I say it is and koalas have the final decision
  • Merge #sports and #f1?
    • #sports is very dead.
    • Do this - rename #f1 to #sport, remove #sport or whatever its name is.
    • Pls someone tell Faux about this, please (also change bridging to using ID as opposed to name
  • Some channels in archive we can remove e.g. old announcement channels that were never used DO THIS
  • #game-design or something on that line for people to talk about game design/development etc
    • #gaming still fine for this?
    • could just give it a channel and see how it goes. already exists in irc?
    • ACTION: build a little road (aka channel) and see if anyone takes that path (aka if anyone uses it). fits in gaming category best


  • Summary of this: why do we have so many channels for the same thing? What is the distinction between #academia, #computer-science, #undergrad and year channels?
  • Rename some of these? Discussion
    • Rename #undergrad to #university and make it more general uni stuff for everyone. This would cover most use cases for the current year channels.
    • Rename #first-year to #freshers and #fourth-year to #masters as mentioned above (see what happens to #masters in terms of activity)
    • #academia stays
    • #postgrad stays, and keeps it name (you win Alex)
    • #computer-science to something like #computing sounds better
    • What to do about #second-year and #third-year? With the pomegranate hopefully ending we may see more activity. Anyone can see them.
    • We shouldn't be considering other servers as factors here. We don't represent ALL CS students..
    • We may have a year where everyone comes to UWCS for discussion
    • Decision - DO THIS:
      • #undergrad -> #university/#students (General)
      • #academia -> #other-academia (move to bottom of channel)
      • #computer-science -> #computing
      • #first-year -> #freshers (General)
      • #second-year
      • #third-year
      • #fourth-year -> #masters
      • #postgrad


  • Archive the dead channels, these will be visible (#animal-crossing and #openttd)
  • Do we need a system to decide when to archive? Not much mental strain. If things are role-gated, leave them unless they receive no activity at all then archive.
  • Leave a message mentioning we are planning to archive explaining what's going on.


  • You will be able to opt in to view archives if you want. Do opt-in archive
  • Deal with any private channel currently sitting there, but otherwise just do that.
  • #exec-history? Nope

Any other business?

Please? Anything?

  • Shrek is happening. Amelie will post to FB
  • Review IRC bridging behind the scenes for config changes to the IRC Bridge
  • Move Academic stuff again because this meeting has gone on way too long and I'm hungry
  • Need to consider joint event with Tabletop? Some Minecraft event?

Quotes and memories of whatever a "meeting" is

"That's a constitutional change, moving on" - Ryan

"Someone resign, we'll have an EGM and change the constitution" - John?

"A good idea but Discord says no" - Ryan

"tell me what to think, please" - Amelie

If you are here in 2040, please take note of the following:

"why was the infamous pirate captain Ryan our president at one point" - comp soc 2040 exec