Week -1 Term 2 Exec Meeting

Posted on 3rd January 2021

Present: Amelie, Dan, Ryan, Toby, Scott

Late: Thomas, John

Absent: Daisy

  • Schedule
    • Try to have a (W)LAN before AGM
  • Academic Talks
    • Dan follows up emails with Nettitude
    • Reminder offer to DB and Jane Street as to whether they wish to give a talk
    • Game Design offered to give a talk on Shaders
    • 3D Printing Talk
  • 3D Printer
    • Need to get proper part and cost request from Tankski, then fine to approve
    • Need to make sure it's clear that running the printer is part of the role (Tech Officer probably).
  • AGM
    • Quorum may be difficult to achieve, SU does have provision for "exceptional circumstances"
    • We need to scout for potential exec and encourage interest.
    • Run before Week 9
    • Approx end of Week 6
    • Exec: Write about what you do and start handover doc.
  • WASD
    • Extremely unlikely to be happening on campus.
    • WASD Committee are handling it
    • We should promote it
  • Socials
    • We can be Heroes (Shark Boy and Lava Girl 2)
      • Good FilmSoc/Bad FilmSoc? Who knows
    • Run Gaming on Fridays
    • Offline Socials are mostly unfeasible
  • (W)LAN
    • Week 3 and Week 8
      • Possible Minecraft thing? Everyone has Minecraft right?
        • Thomas + Amelie do thing
      • Quiz would be nice if possible
    • Names
      • Suggestion box it, "I love Democracy"
      • Second one after AGM: Exec LANdover
  • Discord Banner
    • Worth tweaking, looks a bit scuffed
  • AOB:
    • Reformatting rules
      • No changes to the meaning or spirit of the rules, just making clearer
    • Give the WASD twitch channel a follow to help with Affiliate ( https://www.twitch.tv/warwickspeedrun )

"Does Jai_ know about Sharkboy and Lavagirl?" - Amelie 2021