Week 1 Term 1 Exec Meeting Minutes

Posted on 6th October 2021

Present: Josh, Keegan, John, Ella

Apologies: Leo, Scott, Skiros

  • Definitely a normal start to a meeting. Was definitely clear when we started...

Welcome Week

  • Had a few mess ups with streaming during Welcome Week
  • Some issues with people not being able to access Teams.
  • Upload streams to YouTube as a result so more accessible
  • As a whole, the livestream set up is now working for future use
  • Pride stickers were very popular
  • Geese were also very popular

Friday Night Gaming (should this be within Welcome Week? idk)

  • Had a big turn out for gaming. Estimate maybe 100
  • We did not order enough pizza. Was enough pizza for the amount of people we had at the time, but not by the time the pizza arrived
  • Things to consider purchasing:
    • 2nd Switch
    • Xbox Series X
    • PS5
  • Look at doing more games. Maybe Jackbox for example
  • Skiros (and Josh?) to try and sort out a sign in sign out system for gaming for covid purposes. Aim to have something sorted by end of this coming week
  • Steam issues caused much pain.

Term 1 events

  • Fairly good turn out. Maybe 10 people
  • John abandoned Keegan which was rude. Keegan seemed hurt
  • Someone mentioned the sending out of the newsletter reminded them that pub existed
    • Side note: layout for newsletter on mobile a little broken
  • Send a ping out for pub a bit earlier than 3:30 on the day
  • Lightning talks to be organised by Keegan. Currently ⅔ talks sorted
  • Was found from previous lightning talks that Karaoke talks confused some people. They didn’t seem to understand the purpose of them
  • Won’t do a karaoke talk in week 2 but might in week 7
  • Consider having a hybrid for lightning talks. Hopeful it can be in person but unlikely. Having a mix of some watching online and some watching in person might be good?
  • The talks could be run online, but we book out a room if anyone wants to do a watch party for it. Put discord on the screen
  • LANs are in weeks 4 and 7. We need a better name for the week 4 LAN than Jack’o’LAN
  • Can’t really talk about LAN since Skiros isn’t here
  • Want to ask Tanski about setting up events
  • Used to charge £5 for non members at LAN?


  • Merch will happen at some point
  • Josh is dying with workload
  • Need more flyers
  • Get an exec without portfolio for secretary role - WE NEED HELP
  • Update website
  • Maybe have a resources channel in discord?

Key quotes:

  • “Deploy it and hope for the best” - Josh
  • “No such thing as too much pizza while you are in your early 20s, but once you reach 25 there is too much pizza” - John
  • “Please don’t remind us of our mortality” - Keegan