UWCS Exec Minutes - Fri 8th December 2006

Posted on 8th December 2006, Categories: Meeting Minutes

h3. Present

* Andrew Wheat (Candle) - President
* Fred Emmott (fred) - Technical Officer
* Bruce Tinton (Bruce) - Treasurer
* Arun Prasannan (Polar) - Academic Officer
* David Buckley (bucko) - Gaming Officer

* Tim Retout (Tim) - Acting Chief Minuter

h2. 1. Apologies

* Apologies for absence were received in advance from Laurence Hurst (Laurence). Technically he's not an exec member any more, but whatever.
* Kim Tibbetts-Harlow (Kim) had resigned the same morning.
* No one knew where Sean Connolly (Morlark) was.

h2. 2. Previous Minutes

_No one had the previous week's minutes, but I'm sure we would have approved them at this point._

h2. 3. AGM

* Andrew proposed to hold an AGM in week 7 next term, and co-opt a secretary until week 2, when we could hold an EGM, as suggested at the previous exec meeting.
* David questioned whether having a secretary was necessary.
* Arun thought that a secretary could be co-opted until week 7.
** Fred mentioned that Sadiq thought that a seven-week long handover period was "lame".
** David pointed out that CompSoc used to have a longer handover period of thirteen weeks.
* Bruce pointed out that he had already booked a room for an AGM in week 7.

It was *agreed* to hold the AGM in week 7, and not to hold an EGM.

h2. 4. Emergency Funding

* Fred restated the need for hardware upgrades to molotov, and that he would ask for £750.
* Andrew agreed that the society might as well ask for the money, as the load on molotov had increased over the year.
* David suggested that the application give statistics of hits on the web server.
* Fred pointed out that the hardware in molotov could be moved to twilight, which needs upgrading.

It was *agreed* to apply for £750 of emergency funding, with the application to give details of the number of hits on the server, the numbers of societies and users we host, the quantity of data hosted and the throughput of data served.

h2. 5. A.O.B.

h3. 5.1 Technical services

* Andrew asked about igor. Fred said that he needed to contact DCS again; he had been asking both the helpdesk and the chief technician about igor. Andrew asked Fred to visit DCS in person next time he was on campus.
* Fred asked whether anyone objected to raising a formal complaint with ITS about insomnia, which has had a ticket open for an extended period.

It was *agreed* that Fred should raise the complaint about insomnia with ITS.

h3. 5.2 Socials for next term

* David wanted there to be a social near the start of next term, ideally not bowling or a pub crawl.
* Fred proposed that the social be held on campus. Andrew suggested week 1.
* David was thinking week 3, and for the social to be different from the weekly CompSoc socials. He proposed Karting.
* Arun suggested that the exec ask the freshers what sort of social they would prefer. David pointed out that this might be more difficult now that term had ended.
* Andrew was happy to go Karting, but was concerned about attendance that early in the term.

After some discussion, it was *agreed* that there shall be:

# *Bowling* in Leamington (with a pub meal beforehand), on Thursday Week 3 (25th January 2007), leaving campus at around 6pm.
# *Karting* on Wednesday Week 7 (21st February 2007), leaving campus at around 2pm.

h3. 5.3 BFL

* Arun pointed out that the Engineering department have booked Lib 2 for part of the BFL, but the society should book Lib 2 for the rest of the week.
* David recommended that the society contact Engineering, to check whether they were holding an exam during the BFL. If so, a quiet period would need to be advertised in advance.

It was *agreed* that David shall contact the Engineering department regarding the BFL.

h3. 5.4 Job list

* Arun pointed out that Andrew had outstanding tickets in Bugzilla.
* Andrew replied that he had checked, and hadn't noticed any. Fred reminded Andrew of the presence of the 'My Bugs' link.

It was *agreed* that Andrew should look at Bugzilla again.

Additionally, it was *agreed* that Tim should visit David at some point during the holidays, to assist with the gaming section of the website.

h3. 5.5 Google Ambassador

* David asked whether there had been any volunteers for the role of campus ambassador to Google, since last week. No one was aware of any.

It was *agreed* that Andrew should find a first-year to become our representative to Google.

h2. 6. Date of next meeting

It was *agreed* that the next exec meeting shall be held on Friday Week 1 next term (12th January 2007).