The Calm - Pre-Term 3 Newsletter

Posted on 20th April 2022


Wow, that break really flew by huh? Quite a lot has happened since the last newsletter, so I think it's time for a little speedrun...

🀝 Introducing our new exec team!

πŸ”—Instagram Post


Another year, another exec - we've expanded our team to 20(!), and hope to provide you with a lot more high-quality, useful events. Want to get to know us? We've got a post up of who we are and what we do on our Instagram page! If you aren't already, make sure you're following us there for more frequent updates and stories.

πŸŽ“ Revision Sessions - CS130 & CS260

To help with the most painful modules of this exam period, we'll be starting to run help sessions for you all! Where you can get help on questions, content, and more. We're kicking this off with:

CS260 Algorithms πŸ•’ 3-5pm, Saturday πŸ“ MS.03

We'll be invading a 2nd year revision room for a bit to go through some problems and concepts, mainly focusing on the back half of the module. After that, we'd be happy to answer individual questions that people are having trouble with.

CS130 Maths for CS 1 πŸ•‘ 2-6pm, Monday πŸ“ MB0.08

We'll be holding a slightly longer drop-in session for 1st years, where we'll be around to go through requested concepts, help out with questions (the 2019 past paper is quite tricky in places), and give a place for you to collaborate!

🍻 The Pub Before the Storm

πŸ•• 6pm, Sunday Wk 0 πŸ“ Dirty Duck

Need one final break from revising for those week 1 exams? Join us in the Dirty Duck from 6pm this Sunday for some good food, good company, and a good time.

Note: This is usually on Monday, but has been pulled forward to Sunday because of early exam dates. (one of the rare times I enjoy being 3rd year)

πŸ‘• We have Merch now!

πŸ•• Until Sunday 8th May πŸ”— SU Store

As some of you might be aware, we've been preparing this merch for a while, and it's finally here to order! We've tried to keep prices down, while providing good quality and customisation.

Come get your hands on:

  • Hoodies: The staple of any good merch order, these come in the options of pull-over and zipped.
  • Exec Hoodies: Current or ex-exec? Get a hoodie with both your name and contribution printed on it!
  • T-Shirts: Minimalist shirts with our 4-dot logo on, or a full print particle shirt.
  • Programming Socks: Unleash your true programmer with these stylish, thigh-high socks.
  • Mouse pads: A variety of designs, in both standard and full-desk size.
  • Playing Cards: A 54-card deck in our signature colours, featuring some very cute Jokers :slight_smile:
  • Sticker Pack: Basically a bunch of cursed memes with our logo thrown in too - enjoy!

❓ Any queries? Send to, or pop a message in #exec on Discord.

Merch Insta Merged

➑️ Don't delay, buy today on our SU Store page ! (god I'm such a shill)

⏩ WASD 2022: Speedrunning for Charity
Submissions Now Open!

πŸ“… 18th-20th June πŸ“ Warwick Esports Centre

We're happy to announce that WASD is back for 2022, it's in-person, and you can sign up today!

Warwick's Awesome Speedruns & Demos:

  • The largest student-run speedrunning event in the UK
  • Raised over Β£6000 for SpecialEffect to date
  • Previously featured on the front page of Twitch!

We're teaming up with Warwick Esports, Warwick Esports Centre and the Warwick SU to help make the event the best it can be!

No matter whether you've never done a speedrun before in your life, or you've managed to nab a few records yourself, wanna help us raise some money for a good cause?

ℹ️ To find out more, visit

In my defence, I did say it was a lot.
Enjoy the revision panic,
Owen [he/him]

A Message From Our Sponsor, TPP

TPP’s Communications & Marketing team are the voice of the company. The team manage all aspects of the company’s image, develop our product marketing strategies, foster important relationships and grow the company’s global brand. They make sure that the right people know how our technology can transform lives.

The role is as diverse as it is exciting. Recent projects have included a complete marketing campaign for a smartphone app in China, speech-writing for an international TED conference, coordinating a government trade mission to India, and preparing digital content for events in Africa.

We’re looking for someone who is ready to take on an exciting challenge. You’ll have an interest in current affairs, technology, and healthcare. You’ll be able to write easy-to-understand narrative on complex topics.

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