Term 2 Week 6 Exec Meeting Minutes

Posted on 18th February 2022

Present: Josh, Harry, Ella, Thomas, John, Skiros, Keegan


Absent: Felix, Scott


  • Name: ‘LAN with no name’. Seems good enough. We’re really creative.
  • Rota needs filling out ASAP.
  • Keegan will be running a quiz as usual, Saturday evening, will be putting out an appeal for quiz rounds soon.
  • John does not want to do an overnight shift if possible. Thomas, Ella, Skiros all happy to do one, but don’t want to be alone.


  • Good attendance, approximately 45 across the event. Roughly ⅓ to ½ remained at the end, as some left for Circling around 7:00.
  • Very short-staffed - Keegan and John were effectively bouncing between groups the whole event providing help with the problems.
  • Lots of money was spent on pizza :)
  • Lots of technical difficulties, mainly to do with the marker as it was not tested beforehand.


  • Sounds like Harry’s job…
  • Josh is not convinced we will be able to get this done in our time on the Exec (based on knowledge of other societies).
  • Might be worth asking MineSoc how they did their order, for guidance.
  • Should consider subsidising it, if we can.


  • Bletchley Park:
    • 12 sign-ups so far.
    • Need to post this on socials. Ella has sent a message on the First Year group chat now.
  • Women + NB Social:
    • Ella is running a social this Sunday for people in the new group chat.
    • Venue: Leamington Tea Society.
  • Pub Crawl:
    • Week 8, the route is currently being planned.
    • Happening in Leamington like last time.
  • Handover Circle:
    • Something to discuss with the incoming Exec.
    • Would be nice to have Scott back for this.
  • Josh will try to run a Curiositea (or equivalent) social.


  • Lightning Talks:
    • Currently have one proposed talk and one backup talk, so need 2 more ideally.
    • Thomas is interested in doing a Karaoke talk. Keegan is not sure they’re a great idea, as they often contain lots of in-jokes and aren’t as academic-based (and lightning talks are the societies main academic output).
  • Google Hashcode
  • 3D Printing Talk


  • Still running hybrid despite Storm Eunice. People are more than welcome to join online (Teams) if they don’t want to travel to campus.
  • Current Exec to begin writing Handover packs soon. Handover isn’t for a while so there is time, but better to make a start now.


  • ‘I just woke up’ - Keegan, sounding half-asleep
  • ‘Keegan are you currently in the shower?’ - John, ‘No, the shower is running’ - Keegan