Term 2 Week 3 Exec Meeting Minutes

Posted on 30th January 2022

Present: Josh, Harry, Skiros, Keegan, Ella, Thomas

Apologies: John

Absent: Felix, Scott


  • Generally went to plan.
  • Slightly higher turnout than the previous LAN, even with Skool Dayz being on Saturday.
  • Didn’t run Jackbox/Party Games - no one turned up. We need to figure out another event that attracts people (e.g. more MineSoc collaborations).


  • Fill in LAN Rota closer to the time (Josh will not be around at all)


  • Looking like this will need to be pushed back as it is not organised yet.
    • Provisional Date: 9th Feb
  • Ideally in-person, if this is the case then it should be early afternoon.
  • Alex is happy to share slides and resources from previous talks.


  • This has had poor turnout in recent weeks.
  • Skiros has been in touch with some First-Years, who aren’t willing to walk to the Phantom Coach.
  • Could move the event to a campus location, e.g. Varsity or Dirty Duck.
    • Try these locations in consecutive weeks - Varsity first, then Dirty Duck.
    • Keegan to notify at an earlier time so that people are aware.
  • We have now put out a poll to see what is preventing people from coming to the Pub Social and if they would prefer other venues.


  • Circling
    • Kasbah Circle, on a Monday in a few weeks - will need to get in touch with Kasbah to organise. Potentially hire a coach for travel too.
    • Pop Circle at Kelsey's - again, need to get in touch.
  • Trip to Bletchley Park? Would be nice, as an event that isn’t drinking-related.
  • Board Games at FNG for those who aren’t into video games?
  • LaserTag/Bowling?
  • End of Term Meal?


  • Currently have a disappointing number of nominations.
  • Advertise a position of ‘Publicity Officer’? It would be quite useful for managing social media, and has existed as a position previously.
  • The membership deadline for voting is coming up soon - should remind people in some way.
  • Currently unlikely that we will hit quorum. We could try and get an exemption (like we did for the last EGM) if this happens, but this isn’t particularly sustainable. Advertising for First-Years is essential for this (as well as getting them to run for positions).


‘Discord is crap’ - Skiros

‘I don’t know if that’s legal’ - Thomas