Term 2 Week 0 Exec Meeting Minutes

Posted on 10th January 2022

Present: Josh, Harry, John, Skiros, Keegan, Ella, Felix, Thomas


Absent: Scott


  • What events do we want to run this time? Last time we had, FNG, Board Games, Quiz, GeoGuessr, MineSoc Event
  • Skiros will ask if MineSoc are interested again
  • GeoGuessr will happen even if it doesn’t have its own designated section
  • FNG will happen as usual on Friday evening
  • Board Games didn’t really happen on a large scale last time, but we can still provide it. We already have Exploding Kittens, and borrowed Exploding Kittens, Sheriff of Nottingham, Coup last time. Should get some packs of cards and play Mao
  • Might be better to have a couple of smaller tables for board games rather than one large table so that people can sit all the way around a table
  • VR was a bit of a mess last time - would be better to have some better equipment (tripods) instead of the sketchy setup we had last time
  • Make sure to fill in LAN rota when you know your availability
  • Attendees should wear masks unless exempt and should encourage signing-in so that we can do contact tracing in the event of a positive case
  • Name of LAN? Would do LANuary but it’s been done in the past. Will do a competition during the LAN to name it instead (and call it ‘Please name this LAN’ until then)


  • To be held in-person with a stream to Teams + Discord
  • Currently, there is only one talk. Keegan will ask people who have been interested in the past
  • If we don’t manage to get enough talks together for Week 2, then we could postpone (week 4 looks to be the next best option) or only have one set of talks this term
  • Need to make a decision on what’s happening in Week 1 so that it can be advertised


  • Happening Friday of Week 6. 0C1.09 is booked again, 17:00-19:00
  • The meeting will be hybrid - people can come in person or join online instead
  • Voting will be done online as its easier
  • John has previously said there are previous motions that failed to pass in past votes - these could be put to vote here.
  • All members also need to have the chance to propose motions (the deadline is a week before the AGM from what we know)
  • Must advertise that we are doing elections by at least two weeks before the AGM (ideally announce on a weekend and include it in the corresponding newsletter)
  • Need to find a Returning Officer (it can be one of us, provided that we are not running ourselves - there are a few that will definitely fall into this category)
  • Must be a member 14 days in advance, in order to vote


  • Going ahead unless any additional restrictions are imposed by the government (and we haven’t heard anything telling us we can’t go ahead with it anyway)
  • Need to look at the suggestions from the form - although take them with a pinch of salt as there aren’t many of them
    • PS2? Would need to be aware that they are all old and so the hardware will be worn if we buy used. Could go down the emulator route but this is notoriously difficult for PS2s
    • Need more Wii remotes - we need another 4 realistically
    • Switch - has been bought so we now have 2. Need to decide on what games we want (there is a list but no decision has yet been made). Physical copies are probably better than digital copies
    • Racing Wheel and Pedals - Would love to but expensive and space is a concern
  • Keegan bought a bunch of DRM-free games (~15). John will try to write the code to make the process easier


  • UWCS Challenge - Could have this in Week 6
  • Laser Tag - Josh has spoken to Anakin, looks like Week 1 Sunday is all good. The plan is to aim to get there for a certain time and everyone can pay for their own sessions. Specifics still need to be sorted, but Josh and Anakin will discuss over the weekend. Keegan recommends earlier rather than later (during the day), due to coursework deadlines.
  • Didn’t manage to get a Copper Rooms circle, still waiting to hear regarding T-Bar
  • Still need to do a circling meeting - worth following this up soon as it has been a while now
  • Pub Crawl - Supposed to still be happening, Thursday Week 2, unless further restrictions are imposed. It Will likely start at T-Bar. A list of pubs has been formed but it is subject to change. Probably need 1 of us to be a Sober Exec for the event. Skiros will put out a poll to gauge interest.
  • Women + NB Socials - Josh and Ella have discussed this. Bowling has been thrown around as an idea. Now that timetables have been released it should be easier to find good times to hold socials. Ella wanted to do something in Week 1 as a ‘Welcome Back’.
  • TPP Quiz - Used to happen in previous years?
  • 3D Printing Talk? Something to think about - could do later this term


  • Weekly events in discord to be replaced by a single one (so that we don’t have 25 events at once that cause other things to be buried)
  • Need to cut more keys (and get Leo’s set of keys back) so that everyone who needs them, has them
  • Have a chat with Coach/Esports at some point to see if we can use the Esports centre for the WASD, although Coach is on annual leave from Monday - should be back by the 17th
  • Potentially move Week 7 Lightning talks forward by one week, so that we can have a 3D printing talk in Week 7 instead


‘No, we’re not doing a coursework LAN Felix!’ - Ella

‘Facebook is bad’ - Everyone