Term 1 Week 8 Exec Meeting Minutes

Posted on 25th November 2021

Present: Josh, Harry, John, Keegan, Skiros, Ella


Absent: Scott


  • What Went Well?
    • Better attendance than Week 4 LAN.
    • Pizza was a good idea.
    • Events generally had a good turnout.
  • What can we do better?
    • MineSoc event was not greatly attended but it was to be expected (they don’t tend to get attendance late in terms, historically).
    • Instagram posts went out quite late, but it was better to have something rather than nothing. We could get a Publicity officer or equivalent, but we should be careful with appointing exec without portfolio (i.e. what do we want, and what do we actually need).
    • The advertisement was a mixed bag - better in some aspects, but worse in others. Board Games suffered from this, but Ella has been busy.
    • 50 wipes for VR was nowhere near enough - needed 4x as many really, but this is a simple fix for future LANs.
  • Need golden geese to be made but the 3D printer needs some attention beforehand when Josh is less busy.


  • One talk is already written.
  • Another person has said they want to do a lightning talk, but this is as far as they are up to.
  • One free spot - Skiros has asked Cyber Security people and people have said yes, but they are going to have deadlines coming up very soon so this might not be feasible. Skiros will ask again.
  • If necessary, Keegan could in theory make a talk but might die as a result.
  • Fairly confident that this will still be in-person, Keegan will book a room tomorrow (Wed 24th). Would be wise to get a decent wise room (Oculus and MSB would be solid choices).
  • Definitely stream it to Discord/Teams regardless so that people aren’t missing out if they can’t come in person.


  • We have checked with SU, and Skiros can be moved straight to Tech Officer with no election, so we can just hold an election for the vacant Gaming Coordinator position.
  • Anyone who wants to take part must be a registered member as of 14 days prior to the voting period.
  • Plan to hold it on Friday next week before FNG, 5-7pm.
  • We need a returning officer, they cannot be on the current exec. We have a list of people to ask - just need to act on this.
  • Quorum is 49 for constitutional changes (would need to be online if we wanted to reach this). Could do this one online, and then have the elections as a ‘separate’ in-person session.
  • Quorum is 33 for the election, easier to achieve.


  • Plan to have a LAN in either week 2 or 3, with 2 as a preference, and week 7 as well. The earlier this is decided, the more chance we have at booking LIB2 before other people do! Steve and networks also want to know earlier this time…
  • Esports collaboration LAN? Ideally, this is for our Week 7 LAN. Skiros to message Esports exec to get the ball rolling.
  • Laser Tag with Tabletop - needs more discussion to finalise this, if it is still happening.
  • CyberSoc are interested in a potential collab for CTFs, or at least interested in attending all CTFs we do independently.
  • More lightning talks (provisionally 2 sets, Wednesday Week 2 and 7).
  • Another programming challenge?
  • Ella to potentially run another Pub social (Womens + NB), and possibly bowling but not sure how viable this is.


  • DCS Event, 08/12/21:
    • What do they actually want?
    • Josh has a seminar from 12-1 so won’t be able to come.
  • WASD:
    • Skiros to talk to Kat about this, potentially getting the Esports centre for it.
    • Josh to send a message to the WASD discord by the end of the week.
    • Looking like we will run this in Term 3 as things stand.
  • Programming Challenges:
    • Need to work out logistics for this (in terms of how to run it). Folder for each challenge, inside each folder, has plain text for input/answers? This should be possible (John to try tonight). Sacrifice aesthetics so that we can actually have something. Hosting will not be an issue, probably easier to be on Milner.
    • More programming problems would be appreciated by Keegan!
  • ChemSoc collab is meant to be happening soon!
  • FNG with Pizza in Week 10?


  • ‘We’re all dying’ - Ella
  • ‘When are we not annoyed at Warwick’ - Ella
  • ‘When is it?’ - A totally focused Skiros
  • ‘Keegan’s going insane’ - Ella, ‘I’m pretty sure Keegan is already insane’ - John