Term 1 Week 6 Exec Meeting Minutes

Posted on 15th November 2021

Present: Josh, Harry, John, Keegan, Skiros, Ella


Absent: Leo, Scott


  • Name is now finalised as ‘Pretty Cool LAN’
  • Seating Plan needs finalising. Table 1-3 bookable, board games table not bookable. Table 3 is to be shortened to accommodate the size of the board games area, other than that it’s all good.
  • We can open signups once the seating plan is complete + a graphic is made for it.
  • Events:
    • Quiz: Start collecting rounds for this ASAP so that it is less painful than last time - any extra rounds that we don’t need to use can be recycled at future quizzes. Run it on Saturday night as before.
    • GeoGuessr: Ran well at Week 4 LAN, so run this again.
    • MineSoc Event: They are happy to run one on Sunday afternoon like last time.
    • Board Games: Ella has been in touch with Tabletop, would cost us a £10 blanket fee to borrow games for the duration of LAN, which is a worthwhile donation. Initial ideas are Sheriff of Nottingham, Jenga and One Night Ultimate Werewolf, but more are in the thread in #exec. Won’t need more than 5 in total. This event is to be run on Saturday afternoon.
    • Questionable Games: This can be the 5th and final event if needs be.
    • Once all events are finalised, a schedule image can be generated.
  • LAN Rota needs filling out, make sure that it is planned better this time so that someone is able to take over from each night shift straight away.
  • Print more GEESE in advance this time!
  • VR will be at LAN.
  • Skiros will set up the Minecraft Server in advance.
  • Skiros has received the AP, just needs to MRF it.
  • Skiros has not had a response on the ITS ticket, but it’s *probably* fine.


  • We need to put a message in the WASD discord soon regarding our decision.
  • Ella has had a message from Esports Vice-President saying they may be interested in either helping to run or taking over completely. At the last in-person WASD, Esports provided hardware, and if we were to collaborate, there might be the option to get access to the Esports centre through them.
  • Can commission the artwork regardless of our decision, and just have it in our pocket for use at some (other) time.
  • A handover is required in the WASD discord between us and the previous organisers who are no longer doing so.
  • Josh has got wasd.warwick.gg working, except certificates.


  • Can we get ChemSoc to do something in return for what we’re doing for them (at ChemCafe)? Maybe just a talk or something?
  • Should advertise VR for FNG again, as it seemed to attract more people last week
  • Gandi v G-Suite? G-Suite isn’t very expensive (£4 per person per month), would also give us google drive which is a bonus.
  • Need to fill in the BCS form.
  • Keegan plans to book a room in DCS and do the Programming Challenge event in week 8. Anyone is welcome to submit problems (recommended 30-minute length for an average person).
  • Lightning talks will be in person in either week 9 or 10, just need confirmation of who is doing the talks and have they got their talk/slides written? Suggestion of a Karaoke talk on NFTs/Crypto talk seemed quite funny.


‘We need an army of Geese’ - Keegan

‘A Deutsche Bank LAN with Recruitment Advice’ - John, trying to find a loophole for free prizes

‘Does anyone want a Jaffa Cake’ - Adam