Newsletter for 8 November 2002

Posted on 8th November 2002

2002-11-08 - Newsletters - About - CompSoc

h3. Newsletter for 8 November 2002

h4. CompSoc Newsletter

Hello again, it's time for another update from your friendly neighbourhood Computing Society. Here's what we have for you this time...

# Bowling
# Tutorials
# CAT5

h4. 1. LAN

Well guys, if you thought the last one wasn't big enough, this one's going to be even bigger. It will be at the end of week 8, starting in LIB2 at 8pm on Friday and continuing until 10pm on Sunday. We also have LIB1 booked from 1pm Saturday to 10pm Sunday so if there are too many of you for one room, you will still have the opportunity to join in! Sign ups will be operating from Saturday at 12pm, so get over there and sign up!

h4. 2. Bowling

The karting event which we were planning for Wednesday week 7 has suffered from a lack of interest and had to be cancelled, but far from being disheartened we've decided to hold a bowling event in week 9 instead. We should be meeting on campus and then going to the Leamington bowling alley, but more details will follow in the week before the event. If you're interested in attending sign up as usual on our website.

h4. 3. Tutorials

For those of you who want to know about our tutorials, these will be run during the course of term 2 and will cover a rane of topics icluding perl, php and similar. We will give you more details before the end of term.

h4. 4. LUG

As for the LUG, they will be handing out demo cds of Linux in the CS120 lecture in week 8 if you want to get your hands on that. They will also be holding an 'installfest' next term. This basically means that you can call on them to come round and help you to install Linux and get it running on your system so that you can get properly involved.

h4. 5. CAT5

Another quick reminder that we sell CAT5 cable, ready-made to plug straight into your computer, at very reasonable prices (cheaper than Lazerlizard!). Just mail us and let us know.

Cable costs 50p base, + 50p per metre up to 10 metres, + 40p per metre over 10 metres.

e.g. 15 metres costs 50p + 10*50 + 5*40 = 7.50 pounds

That's about it for now. Have fun, and we hope to see you at one of our events soon!

|Thanks for reading,
|David de la Motte
|Secretary, University of Warwick Computing Society