Newsletter for 29 April 2004

Posted on 29th April 2004

Newsletter - 2004/04/29

h3. Newsletter - 2004/04/29

# Academic Stuff
# Tech Stuff
# Social Stuff
# Cat5

h4. 1. LAN

The first LAN of term will be from 8:00PM Friday the 6th of May to Sunday the 8th of May in H0.58 and H0.60. For the many of you who will have never set foot in the humanities building this is the building opposite engineering, go in the front door and turn right and after that it is obvious, or at least will be given Si1entDave will be doing a lot of the setting up. Signups will open at midnight on Saturday.

h4. 2. Academic Stuff

For those of you who don't know yet the academic team is on hiatus this term due to both exam pressure for the members and the fact that organising academic events while people are trying to revise is the best way to have nobody turn up.

If anyone has any suggestions for the academic team then go to #academic on the IRC server or E-mail

h4. 3. Tech Stuff

The tech team is briefly hijacking the LUG meeting this coming Wednesday for an hour or so for the current and former technical officers to explain to anyone who it interested anything they wish to know about the servers we run and other such things. This will be happening in Xananas at 7:00PM this Wednesday all are welcome. The same goes for the LUG meeting which will proceed immediately afterwards.

Also, will no longer work from 10pm Saturday 7th April. This is for security reasons. Instead, links should point to

imilarly, this applies to Users who have their own domains hosted by CompSoc are not affected. The old naming format will have an automatic redirect to the new format for one month after the changeover. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

h4. 4. Social Stuff

This term there are several planned social events. Firstly at the end of week 2 there will be a Compsoc meal, this time we have decided on a curry in Coventry, this signups for this are now on the website in the usual place. This will then be followed by a quiet social visit to the cinema on the Saturday of week 4, this is mostly to do with exams and revision. Later on in the term after all the exams are over there will be the traditional Compsoc BBQ on the Sunday of Week 9.

h4. 5. CAT5

Another quick reminder that we sell CAT5 cable, ready-made to plug straight into your computer, at very reasonable prices (cheaper than Lazerlizard!). Just mail us and let us know.

Cable costs 50p base, + 50p per metre up to 10 metres, + 40p per metre over 10 metres.

e.g. 15 metres costs 50p + 10*50 + 5*40 = 7.50 pounds

That's about it for now. Have fun, and we hope to see you at one of our events soon!

Thanks for reading,

Peter Ellis (PlanarPlatypus)
Secretary, University of Warwick Computing Society