Newsletter for 26 April 2007

Posted on 26th April 2007

Compsoc Newsletter


Welcome to Term 3. There are various events in the busy CompSoc timetable which are listed below and at the "CompSoc events page":/society/events.

h4. Timetable

This week and next week:

* Friday 27th April 2007, 18:00, SU North, Tech Team Meeting
* Monday 30th April, 19:30. Pub Social, City Arms, Earlsdon
* Tuesday 1st May, 15:00, Exec Meeting (location yet to be decided)
* Wednesday, 2nd May, WUGLUG Meeting (likely to be PUBGLUG), 19:00

h4. Notices

* There was an accidental LAN signup opening earlier this week. Everyone who signed up has been since removed. The dates for the LAN are 11-13th of May, and details can be found at: . Normal LAN signups open this Saturday at midday, or midday next Wednesday if you are a guest.

* Gaming is finally set to return this term after a *LONG* break. Details are to follow as the location is being finalised.

* Downtime - there have been several issues linked to power and network failures, more details at


Society Books: WUGLUG and CompSoc have the opportunity to request sample review books from O'Reily, in return we have to write a small review. You can request that we ask for a book by emailing the WUGLUG list.

Network Cable: Can be obtained by emailing the exec, cost 0.40 + 20p per metre, e.g. 0.40 + (5 * 0.20) = £1.40 (5 metres), 0.40 + (10 * 0.20) = £2.40 (10 metres) etc.

Disk Space: Why not upgrade your CompSoc account disk quota? £2.50 for 500Mb, email the tech team to upgrade your account.


Thats all for now folks!

Si Hammond