Minutes - 7th October 2013

Posted on 7th October 2013

*Present*: Veltas, murtag, hir142, ruth, Crumpet, dirtus, zed0, argha*

h1. Academic

-ruth: Little prizes could be a good idea for academic competitions.
-Good idea to do progcomps fortnightly.
-Crumpet: maybe other weeks do workshops?
-NextJump buying people drinks etc., maybe academic talk earlier in the day.
-zed0 confirmed for talk week 5.
-Company sends: "I think it might be interesting to essentially do a case study of a recent project we've done here, taking people through from how our client approaches us, how we work out what they want through to delivery of the project and ongoing support."
-Decided would be a good topic, going to be week 6
*ACTION*: veltas to book room.
-Apparantly ex members are upset about C++ being over-used shut up shut up shut up shut up...
-XING is returning!!!1111oneoneon
-zed0 might bring raspberry pi with him
*SPOILER ALERT*, he didn't.
-zed0 wants to help some people learn some dcs-get stuff

h1. Tech

-connorhd has given some suggestions on how to fix the website in #tech.
*ACTION*: ruth to forward mountain email.
-zed0: Cupboards need to be inventoried and cleaned up
*ACTION*: ruth to clean top of cupboards.
-argha: collaborate with james remotely and do inventory (and clean out cupboard).
-zed0: also need to buy new hdds (2*750GB ones maybe)
-Murtag: want permissions to write files on minecraft account.
*ACTION*: argha/zed0 to change permissions of "gaming admin" group to fix it.

h1. Gaming

-Gaming on friday went well.
-Ended up with a new TV... old one appeared broken on the night (AKA very broken).
-Tournament prizes ideas: freebies, sweets.
-Should do another survey (at gaming this time).
*ACTION*: murtag to do inventory of games.
-zed0: some games might be in the wrong storage after the socs fair.
-murtag: Games requested are blazblue, injustice: gods & monsters
-murtag: clips arena maybe doing collaboration.
-veltas to bring up list

h1. Social

-Walking to pub with freshers at 6:15 from DCS.
-Tea next week.
-Crumpet: mention at pub about tea programming.