Minutes - 7th November 2013

Posted on 7th November 2013

*Present*: veltas, murtag, hir142, crumpet, ruth, zed0, rayhaan, mcnutty

h1. Social

-ruth: Crash has been organised.
-We are going to organise Pop alongside animesoc.
*ACTION*: hir142 to add himself to contact page on website.
*ACTION*: hir142 to organise Lazerquest for week 9.
*ACTION*: argha to give admin to hir142 on the website.
*ACTION*: all exec to sign up for Pop on Facebook (who's going).

h1. Academic

-ruth: Free food was a really good idea, more people came and payed attention.
-ruth: Argha really helped numbers by announcing it at the end of a lecture.
*ACTION*: veltas to sort out details of talk next week.
*ACTION*: veltas to book Bletchley Park trip.
*ACTION*: veltas to look up travel stuff for that (and maybe get a people carrier license).

h1. Gaming

*ACTION*: buy hoover, bin bags and cleaning liquid for next LAN.
-ruth: LAN setup, tear-down and rota was a bit of a shambles.
*ACTION*: all exec to sort themselves out.
*ACTION*: murtag to arrange another time to meet 'big screen' woman.
*ACTION*: murtag to get prizes from vista print.

h1. Tech

-Buying a cluster for academic use was suggested.
-Points for the cluster were providing virtual machines, and providing cluster technology (which is valuable experience).
-Not all exec convinced that this was a good idea to okay immediately.
-Exec agreed to reconvene on the idea after a week, and consider alternative usage of the money.

h1. Miscellaneous

*ACTION*: veltas to do clothing order (will announce and take orders at gaming probably).