Minutes - 7th February 2014

Posted on 7th February 2014

*Present*: veltas, maddy, rayhaan, marmite, mcnutty, robot, ruth, hir, zed0, agga, murtag

h1. Academic

-Bletchley trip transport
-Clothing order and email

h1. Gaming

-Contact potential Gaming Officers.
-Check DOTA fixed.

h1. Tech

-TV purchase.
-Discuss cluster.
-Website exec status.

h1. Socials

-Handover meal at Cosmo.
-Lego film social.
-Pub event on website.

h1. Misc

-No budget to be produced for SU as nothing asked in return.
-Robot determined to be Health and Safety Officer.
-Maddy determined to be Equal Opportunities Officer.

h1. Action overflow:

h2. All Exec

-to update website Contact page.

h2. ruth

-to ask dept. about room for Candle talk.

h2. murtag

-to get prizes from vista print.

h2. olibacon

h2. agga

-to ask (Fyorl) if anime still use mailman and remove from them if not.
-agga and rayhaan to talk to Roger about storing servers.

h2. hir

h2. veltas

-to look up travel stuff.
-to do clothing order.
-to cancel booked room (for Candle talk).

h2. rayhaan

-agga and rayhaan to talk to Roger about storing servers.
- buy TV (for Wii U)

h2. marmite

-get, fill out and return Exec Transfer form to SUHQ
-book room for Publicity Officer election

h2. robot

-to book Cosmo for handover meal
-to plan Lego film social
-to put pub on website