Minutes 7-1-2013

Posted on 7th January 2013

h2. Present:

zed0, MikeCobra, Goshawk, Moltenfire, James, Ruth.

h2. Minutes

h3. Talks and business connections

-Ruth is in communication with Google about their talk.
-Email the “backup company” to request a more technical idea suitable for a competition.

h3. Speed progcomp

-It has been decided to wait for other other events to be scheduled before organizing another progcomp, although it is planned for the future.

h3. IBM Hursley

-The trip will be subsidised by the society and we are currently awaiting a quote from the coach company by DCS.
-Students going on the trip will be required to make a deposit to make sure everyone who signs up attends.

h3. Mentoring

-The mentoring program will be set up via the forum.

h3. LAN

-Room bookings will be contacted to try and organize other societies and departments to rearrange their events so LIB2 can be used.

h3. Gaming in L3

-Ultimately decided that it wasn't worth the preparation and setup time to organize for a small extension of gaming.
-Gaming in LIB1 with a projector during LAN could be an alternative.