Minutes - 6th May 2013

Posted on 6th May 2013

*Present*: ruth, Murtag, Veltas, dDirtus

h1. Academic

*ACTION*: Ruth to find out what happens with code for possible upcoming SIBE hackathon.

h1. Gaming

*ACTION*: Murtag to decide which games to buy for PS3 from ruth's source.
*ACTION*: Murtag to immediately sort out posters for LAN tournies.
-Ruth's suggestion: should get BFL sponsored.
-dDirtus suggests talking to icstatic and zx64 about this.
*ACTION*: Murtag to look into getting BFL sponsored.
-Wii U has arrived, still need wiimotes and stuff.
*ACTION*: Oli to buy this stuff.
-Murtag says that Ben, 1st yr CS student, wants to fill roll of gaming officer.
*ACTION*: Murtag to make sure Ben knows full responsibilities first.
*ACTION*: Oli, Argha, (Runite if around) to fill out LAN rota in link on #exec's topic.

h1. Tech

*ACTION*: Argha to do cupboard inventory.
*ACTION*: Argha to post contact details in link on #exec's topic.
-Exec info needs to be changed on forum.
-Veltas asks if IRC status is tied to exec status.
-IRC status is per-channel and not really tied to exec status.

h1. Socials

-Runite is expected to be away for a bit.
*ACTION*: Oli to book football pitch in his leave.
*ACTION*: Ruth to print off and fill out forms for BBQ.
-BBQ may be moved to Sunday to avoid clashing with prog stuff despite tradition.

h2. Exciting Day

-Mentioned that there is traditionally an "exciting day" near end of term 3.
-Suggestion: look for theme parks with 2 for 1 or group discount.
-Possibility of not being able to do this from lack of transport / clashing with other stuff in the week.
-Suggestion: peddle-boat racing in Leamington Spa.
-Could be labelled "gaming tournament" in events to confuse people who arrive.
-dDirtus: "4 player co-op" as it's 4 people to a peddle-boat.

h1. Miscellaneous

-MikeCobra complains to Murtag that he still gets emails for the gaming president forwarding address.
-MikeCobra should complain to a tech officer, nobody here can actually fix that.
*ACTION*: Oli to hand-sow exec capes for everyone who turned up to this meeting at Ruth's request. dDirtus may have a gold-trimmed cape for being ex-exec. Ruth may have a rainbow coloured cape.
*ACTION*: Exec who did not turn up to the meeting are to read these minutes.
*ACTION*: Those not reading these minutes to read these minutes.