Minutes - 4th February 2015

Posted on 4th February 2015

Present: rhiba, maddy, phillammon, veltas, robot, alice, marmite, mcnutty, rayhaan, hiren

Next meeting: Wed 11th February, 1pm

h1. Academic

-Adding XING to events page.
-Talked about changing programming workshops name as it is not really a programming workshop, more of a “laptop and tea” meeting.
-Talked about changing XINGS name, no decision so far.
-Mcnutty has talked to Mike Joy about running events with DCS. Department would possibly be happy to advertise for us, and put us in contact with academics outside of the university that could give talks.
-Woman from Leap School in Leamington emailed us about sending someone to go in on a - Monday afternoon, several people showed interest, Rhiba is responding to her email, and forwarding to Warwick Game Design (as its a game making club).
-CCC 2015 was talked about, will possibly arrange a trip to that.

h1. Gaming

-Talked about the issue at the end of last gaming, that there was an open day and the secretaries needed the room. Came to the conclusion that we should monitor when open days are, and we are apologising.
-Clarified that packing up of gaming STARTS at 8am, and is not meant to be completed by 8am.
Kirby (Alex Kerr) and Metalgabu (Maddy Young) are the new gaming officers, as chosen by Phillammon.

h1. Tech

-Mailman is being fixed by Rayhaan.
-New exec members are being added to email/website/irc.
-Decision has been made to remove old exec from getting the emails from their old position. They will still receive general exec mailing list emails though.
-Tech team meetings will be every week at the start of XING.
-Decided that unless requested, old exec keep operator status on irc.
-Rayhaan is removing all traces of IBM logos on all pages they appear.

h1. Social

-Handover meeting is booked for Wednesday 11th at 7pm in the Farmhouse. Doing it in conjunction with game design.
-Talked about a voting system on the new website to vote on where to go for outings, this can be implemented. For now, use strawpoll and link to it in the newsletter when a vote is required.
-Talked about having a trip to Valentines Crash next saturday, that is going up on the events page.
-Talked about having a trip to Harvester/Cosmo/wherever then to the cinema later this term for all the society.

h1. Publicity

-Talked about flyers/posters again, hermit still working on it.

h1. Misc

-Health and safety and equal ops were assigned to Rhiba and Hermit respectively.
-New exec form was filled out and handed in.
-Risk assessment form was filled out and handed in.
-Talked about fleshing out the minutes more, hopefully this has been fixed!
-Talked about and decided that we will change our contact photos to ones that we can be recognised from (ie our faces) so we can be approached more easily.
-All new exec are going to upload their pictures.

h1. Action overflow:

h1. All Exec

-Think about where you want to be in a year, what you want to have done after a year (for example).
-Upload photo (if not already done).

h1. veltas

h1. phillammon

-friday meeting with socs committee
-talk to roger about open days?

h1. rhiba

-spam freshers page
-email teacher
-hand in forms
-LAN signups open this week
-clothing closes 16th

h1. maddy

-give mcnutty list of society’s games

h1. rayhaan

-link steam and facebook groups on website
-opportunity fund stuff
-add exec to email list
-make sure publicity officer gets all emails
-remove individual email positions from old exec
-remove ibm logo from forums
-add publicity officer page and second gaming officer page
-3 keys cut for server cupboard 006

h1. marmite

h1. robot

-7pm Wednesday handover meal farmhouse 25
-valentines crash 10pm terrace bar

h1. mcnutty

-opportunity fund stuff
-buy usb sata adapter, ethernet heads, gaffer tape, mats for LAN
-add xing to events page
-socs meeting friday
-talk to mike joy more
-CCC organise

h1. hermit

-update society posters
-society business cards
-list of music server rules
-valentines crash facebook event 10pm terrace bar