Minutes - 3rd June 2013

Posted on 3rd June 2013

*Present*: zed0, Murtag, ruth, Gaylord, Veltas, james

h1. Academic

-Ruth: Hackathon will be Sunday of Week 9, to Monday.
-Also there is an iLab event Monday.
-IPSC, the internet prog comp, is this Saturday.
-Amazon voucher quite possibly prize for this, since we don't have anything else planned.

h1. Gaming

*ACTION*:Murtag to get advertisement posters sorted for BFL tournaments.
-Murtag: Peddle ordered.
-Moltenfire has very kindly offered to look after gaming this weekend.
-Adblax has also volunteered to help.

h1. Tech

-james: Website guest signup is broken.
-james: Upgrading servers, aurora is done.
-james: backus upgraded over Saturday and Sunday.
-james: backus was not generating a new kernel image, ksplice installs its own version of devmod that fails.
-james: Suggests ksplice is removed permanently.
-zed0: Should check website to see what licenses we have for ksplice first.
-james: Would like to upgrade codd to Debian 7 soon, will need a *planned outage*.
*ACTION*: Argha to send email to 'Mr. T' for access to codd, just in case.

h1. Social

-ruth: We're having a water fight at BBQ.
Solution to unclean compsoc people?

h1. Miscellaneous

Short exec meeting is short.