Minutes - 3rd December 2014

Posted on 3rd December 2014

Present: veltas, marmite, robot, hermit, mcnutty, rayhaan, crumpet

Next meeting: Wed 7th January, 1pm

h1. Marmite's Musings

-Hermit wants to give Mcnutty a hand with his huge rack? Everybody else nonplussed
-Robot is no longer the worst. Maddy is now the worst. Congratulations Robot!
-Rayhaan should stop uploading 300MB files of 0's to Will's server just to be mean
-Mcnutty still sends people Cow spam, it's still funny

h1. Academic

-Decide transport choices for FOSDEM, make info available so others can join independently. Not a Society trip

h1. Gaming

-Nintendo soc will exist, happy to work together so long as they don't run a friday night event

h1. Tech

-Cluster update, decided not to name minions
-New battery for backus UPS decided unnecessary
-Will create a tech mailing list for hosted websites etc
-Will plan programming competitions for next term

h1. Social

h1. Publicity

-SU wallplanner application to advertise gaming events
-Will attend refreshers fair

h1. Misc

-Discussed other societies with Isaac, can raise further problems if needed
-We have a member demographic at tinyurl.com/uwcsdemographic so thanks Mcnutty, interesting to see so few are DCS students
-Exec cape order info to be linked

h1. Action overflow:

h2. All Exec

-have a very merry christmas!

h2. veltas

-seek new sponsors
-decide fosdem travel details, give to marmite for next newsletter
-plan programming competitions for next term

h2. maddy

-rewrite site frontpage description for rayhaan
-contact nintendo soc, see what they want to do

h2. rayhaan

-update site front page description to include gaming
-facebook and steam groups linked on website
-create tech mailing list

h2. marmite

-price clothing orders, talk to mcnutty/rhiannon about how this should work, SciFi used ADM
-cancel term 2 week 4 LIB2 booking
-book slot at refreshers fair

h2. robot

h2. mcnutty

-look into payment system for site
-liaison with tech soc
-link exec cape order form

h2. hermit

-update society posters
-events on site news section
-society business cards
-spam freshers facebook groups with gaming advertising
-su wallplanner application