Minutes 3/6/2010

Posted on 3rd June 2010

h2. Present:

Zed0, Connorhd, Azurit, Agaeki, Cranman, TeamDoherty, MrWilson, Dirtus, Monk, Trip, Fyorl, SigmaD

h2. Minutes:

h3. Risk Assessment:

-"If you lick the power supply, you might get a shock."
-All the former exec agreed to work on it, nothing happened.
-Should set a single person on it.
-Our job as exec is to pass the url, a google document, containing relevant information onto the next exec.
-Zed0 didn't fill in a risk assessment for his 4th year project on lasers.
-"Don't keep C4 in the computer."

h3. Gaming purchases:

-We need a new RockBand guitar.
-The more expensive one may or may not be better, the customer reviews rate it as either the best or worst thing ever.
-Buying another console for Street Fighter 4 was suggested.
-Buying another X-Box may not be needed due to game overlap.

h3. Azurit's Mug:

-Hot water is used to sterilise it.
-"If only you knew /any/ biology" - Dirtus.

h3. CompSoc Trading Cards:

-"Give me 7 reasons why we should do this"-MrWilson
-It would be quite cool.
-Everyone else is doing it.
-"I had a subway today." - Cranman

h3. Bloomberg 2 - Return to London:

-MrWilson and SigmaD will go back to London to discuss details of how will spend the sponsorship money we won.
-CompSoc will pay for travel for now as MrWilson hasn't been reimbursed by Bloomberg yet.

h3. ProgComp Type Thing:

-Cranman linked to a speed progcomp type thing on facebook.
-First place is £1000.
-"I do like money" - MrWilson
-Takes place this Sunday.

h3. Other:

-Cranman and Agaeki learnt how to send files to each other over IRC.
-*Action*: Dirtus to create the Chaplaincy ball event.