Minutes - 31st October 2013

Posted on 31st October 2013

*Present*: veltas, ruth, zed0, murtag, rayhaan, mcnutty, crumpet, hir142, Argha

h1. Academic

-Someone in software engineering class to announce talk.
-Programming competition went fine.
-zed0's talk was good.

h1. Gaming

-Gaming survey to finish.
-Murtag arranged to talk to 'big screen lady'.
-zed0: Would be a good idea to have a tournament in the piazza.
-zed0: NUEL tournament group stages start this Friday.

h2. Upcoming LAN

-Do we want prizes for slender tournament and Minecraft?
*ACTION*: Murtag to book trolley for LAN.
*ACTION*: Everyone to fill in rota.
*ACTION*: Ruth to freeze seating plan and print off names for seats.

h1. Tech

-rayhaan will store his server in backus cupboard, Argha to assist.

h2. Security

-Apparantly one of our servers was used during a recent DDoS attack.
-Apparant attack came from Latin Ball Room Dancing website.
*ACTION*: Argha to inform ball room dancing leader of this immediately.
*ACTION*: Argha to deactivate their account to prevent more damage if this isn't fixed.
*ACTION*: Argha to communicate with ITS and make sure they don't deactivate our servers.
-Argha: Also email from anime website still hasn't been resolved.
-Anime email is low priority, to respond to ITS about this later.
*ACTION*: Argha to eventually reply to ITS about anime email.
-zed0: If exec could use discard rather than reject on the mail system that would be great.

h1. Social

*ACTION*: Crumpet to book Wing Wah for Monday at 7pm Week 10 (and get karaoke access if possible).

h1. Miscellaneous

-Newsletters are to be sent regularly on Sunday from now on by veltas.
*ACTION*: Veltas to make a system for writing what goes on a newsletter each week.