Minutes - 31 May 2003

Posted on 31st May 2003

h3. Compsoc Exec Minutes

h4. Present

* Richard Wilson
* Chris Boyle
* Phil Stoneman
* Sadiq Jaffer
* Christian Bates
* David Buckley
* Euan MacGregor

h4. Money

NeXuS7 has been paid, now waiting for union finances to act.

h4. Activity day

Next meeting: 6:30pm Wednesday.

h4. Socials

Matrix Reloaded social happened, although wasn't that publicised so not that many people turned up. Other social events' arrangements haven't changed.

h5. Portsmouth visit

Phil could do the minibus driving.

h4. Society description

DCS existing description is preferred over the existing description on the Union site. DCS booklet description doesn't need much changing.

h4. Room booking

Need to book rooms for various social events in the next year:
* Saturday week two 2pm - 4pm for first social and then follow up with gaming.
* Tuesday week one 6pm - 7pm for LUG firewall tutorial.
* Wednesday week four 2pm - 3pm for LUG command line tutorial. (two rooms)
* Wednesday week six 2pm - 3pm for LUG graphical tutorial.
* Someday week four Afternoon for activity afternoon.
* Sunday every week 8pm - 9pm for OSP meetings.

h4. Open Source Project

Will probably need a new OSP in the next year as two of the main contributors will be leaving at the end of this term.

h4. LANs

In the first term, we're provisionally planning to hold them on end of week four and end of week eight.

h4. LUG

Tutorial planning has moved forward slightly. OSP design was also fleshed out.

h4. Servers

Phil has spoken to filmsoc about getting a backup DNS for when tov is being upgraded. Could move tov into DCS and then put the new LAN server in the Union. Tov provisional downtime Monday 9th June.

h5. IRC

IRCd has been changed to "Unreal", which has a larger feature set, no longer does reverse-DNS and has SSL built-in. Half-ops are problematic with some clients, and we have no real need for it so they'll be removed. One controversial usermode now available is +I, which cloaks users to the point where they can join channels and be in channels without being detected until they say something. #welcome is to be set up and the Java IRC client to be pointed to there instead.