Minutes - 30th September 2013

Posted on 30th September 2013, Categories: Meeting Minutes

*Present*: Argha, Veltas, zed0, Crumpet, hir142, murtag, nobodynat

h1. Upcoming society fair

-Fair is Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 4pm.
-We've got posters and stuff to give out at the fair.
-zed0: Should have a game or two running at fair.
-Will bring Wii U, no TV required.
-Decided upon also having Soul Calibur V, will change if poorly received.
*ACTION*: Veltas to make society fair rota (done, in #exec /topic).
*ACTION*: *All exec* to fill out society fair rota.
-zed0: Want to bring at least one long power cable, and 4-way power adapter.
-Murtag: Will get consoles out in morning.
-zed0: Make sure to get stickers for the society joining automatic system...
-zed0: Remember to take pacman thing, will need trolley for that.
-Meet at DCS 45 mins before it starts (detailed on rota).
*ACTION*: Veltas to ask Roger for trolley and about booking atrium for first gaming.

h1. Academic

h2. Talks

-Please, please people do some talks! :D:D:D:D:D
*ACTION*: Veltas to arrange and do basic shell + IRC talk Tuesday, late.
*ACTION*: Argha to ask raspbmc person about doing a talk.

h2. XING

-Veltas: We should get some XING (XING Is Not Gaming) going.
-Veltas: If we do some more XING we need to come up with hacky *group* projects, or won't be as fun.
-zed0: If we do XING we have to make sure we get the word out and then announce it properly.

h1. Gaming

*ACTION*: Murtag to research for a bar social for a LoL tournament or similar.
*ACTION*: Murtag to advertise recruitment for making a DoTA team (or whatever it was).
-Planned for gaming session week 3 to hold the recruitment.
-Murtag: Made a Minecraft server with Towny mod.

h2. Friday sessions

-Murtag: Everyone should arrive *before* 8pm this Friday to make sure gaming is set up properly.
*ACTION*: Murtag to flesh-out this Friday's gaming event description on website and create gaming events.
-zed0: Fixing backus tomorrow, needs to be done ASAP to make sure we're ready for gaming.

h1. Tech

*ACTION*: zed0, Argha, Veltas to fix backus tomorrow.

h1. Misc.

*ACTION*: *All exec* to share contact info on link in #exec /topic and save contact info for everyone else.
-runite is unable to remain Social Secretary, we will need to elect a new one.
*ACTION*: Veltas to send email about election meeting for new social sec, to run for 2013-2014.
*ACTION*: Veltas to prepare online remote voting.
*ACTION*: Argha to Google Doodle so we can work around everyone's timetables.
*ACTION*: Veltas to specifically send out newsletter on Thursday evening, after fair but before gaming, for the sake of new and old compsoc.