Minutes 30/4/2010

Posted on 30th April 2010

h2. Present:

Cranman, Dangerman, Sinjo, Dirtus, Fyorl, Agaeki, Azurit, Connorhd, Artalyx, TeamDoherty, Zed0, SigmaD, Monk

h2. Apologies:


h2. Minutes:

h3. ProgComp:

-2 entries, 1 eligible.
-£400 to spend on progcomp prizes throughout the year.
-Spend most of the money on the LAN speed progcomp (week 5).
-Accenture are just like CompSoc, but are a successful business.
*Action*: SigmaD to talk to MrWilson about ProgComp.
-As the website explicitly said netbook, Connor will buy the prize for the only valid entry(Artalyx).
*Action*: Connor to buy netbook.
-Artalyx has no preference concerning the processor type of his netbook.
-'Make sure it has Fedora.' - Fyorl

h3. Bloomberg e-mail:

-Day in London for societies to pitch, best societies win £2000.
-Academic in nature, so for MrWilson to deal with.
*Action*: MrWilson to respond to the e-mail.

h3. Buying Things:

-Server upgrades still need buying.(Connor's shopping list)
-Rockband pedals/DLC and other things also need buying.
-Azurit would like Backus to be updated (because he 'nommed' all the free space.)
*Action*: Fyorl/Azurit to fix Backus
*Action*: Azurit to send e-mail containing other things to buy to Cranman.
*Action*: Cranman to buy these things once his accommodation cheque clears. Also, check money in capital account.

-Compsoc could buy a 42 inch TV to attach to a server.
-Sinjo suggests setting up a command centre in DCS.

h3. Academic Talks:

-There should be at least a couple this term.
-We have £150 of IBM sponsorship, that could be used for food/drink/pizza at talks.
-Sinjo suggests buying 5 Beast pizzas for the talk.
-'Will that just create a black hole?' - Monk
-A Pokemon talk is unnecessary; all Monk's talks are about pokemon.

h3. Game Tournaments:

-In the SF4 tournament, there were ~10 people from outside the society.
-Gaming tournaments don't require a lot of effort, just a week of advertising through posters beforehand.
*Action*: TeamDoherty to think about this.

h3. E-mails/Minutes

-The ACTIONS from the minutes will be sent to the compsoc-discuss mailing list and link to minutes.
-The Exec are signed up to the compsoc discuss mailing list.

h3. LAN:

-Buy the boxes for stuff before the LAN.
-Talk to Roger for the trolley before the LAN.
-Maybe somebody should draw a diagram for the power cable configuration.
*Action*: Somebody should measure the cupboard and buy boxes with lids, so they can be stacked.

-Cranman: Zed0 is an engineer, he can make boxes, right?
-Zed0: I can do lasers.

h3. Game Testing:

-E-mail from Freestar games, about a games testing session.
*Action*: TeamDoherty to respond to the testing e-mail.

h3. Gaming:

-Steam forced a new user interface which doesn't work.
-Check versions of wine until steam works.
-Monk found a linux-compatible worms clone, 'hedge wars'
-Azurit got Star Trek bridge commander working.
-Agaeki crated an event for the TF2 tournament.

h3. Paint-ball:

-Takes place next weekend.
-The sign-up deadline should be extended.
-Should be the the title of the newsletter.
-Details about the event in the topic.
-Dirtus will try to enlist more people at gaming.
-(Paint-ball has since been delayed)