Minutes - 29th May

Posted on 29th May 2009

h1. Present

pepper, Trip, monk, sadiq, connorhd, mulletron, Mogmiester, Sinjo, Zaer, Dirtus, bakaidiot_, dangerman, Demo

h1. Apologies

Azurit, Estel

h1. Minutes

There are binbags in the cupboard that Brad found

Azurit needs to talk to Neil Williams about power at the BFL, and he should take connorhd along too

Will the gaming part of compsoc be getting any sponsorships or anything for next year?

The exec meeting next week will be on Friday

Codd's disks failed due to the union's AC failing. Sinjo needs to log the temperatures of drives for Codd, and should test the old hardrives to make sure it is them that is broken

We will go karting on Saturday 20th. pepper to look into transport and other options like water world

pepper needs to get a football, baseball bat, tennis balls, frisbee etc for the BBQ