Minutes - 29th April 2015

Posted on 29th April 2015

h1. Academic

h1. Gaming

-need to pay for previous screen usage - then book new usage
-phillammon has a chat going between a lot of gaming society exec - cross advertisements etc
-we have a dead xbox, possible buy a xbone for next term? not decided.

h1. Tech

h1. Social

-anime soc joining bbq
-phoach is super cheap so we’ll start going again next year

h1. Publicity

h1. Misc

h1. Action overflow:

h1. All Exec

-attempt to fix xbox

h1. phillammon

-book out big screen for 2 hours sometimes in BFL (daytime, preferably tues/wed)

h1. rhiba

-book bbq

h1. maddy

h1. rayhaan

-migrate gallery so we can upload stuff!
-fix planet compsoc
-fix anime/all mailing lists.

h1. marmite

h1. robot

h1. mcnutty

h1. hermit

-safe spaces policy