Minutes 29/9/10

Posted on 29th September 2010

h2. Present:

MrWilson, TeamDoherty, Kuros, Cranman, Connorhd, SigmaD, Dirtus, Fyorl, Trip, dangerman, Zed0

h2. Minutes:

h3. Posters:

-Connor bought a box full from Sinjo’s cupboard.
-There are extra flyers in Backus’ cupboard.

h3. Banner:

-The union use ratios: 1x2, 1x6, 1x12
-Our current banner design is 1x3
-Connor will fix the pdf and order the banner.

h3. Fresher’s fair:

-Dirtus doesn’t have a timetable yet, so doesn’t know when he’ll be free.
-A google document should be created for the Societies Fair.
-The societies fair takes place on Thursday. (Non-academic societies on Wednesday)
-Assume everything we ask for isn’t there.
-We shouldn't send anyone to the societies fair in order to help the Union out of its massive debt.

h3. Atrium booking for gaming tournament:

-TeamDoherty has been given the form.

h3. Events

-Dirtus has put up events for the year.
-MrWilson will write something on the website to greet the freshers.
-“Hi, I’m fabulous.” - cranman
-We should re-implement the flaming text website for freshers.

h3. Alton Towers

-Cancelled due to lack of interest.

h3. Freebies for the fresher's fair

-We have the mugs from IBM and Rubik's cubes from Bloomberg.

h3. Room Booking

-Warwick Skills Certificate have LIB2 for most LAN weekends. We have been given LIB1 instead.
-LIB1 has insufficient power for LANs.
*Action*: MrWilson to contact WSC about swaping LIB1/LIB2 for LANs.
-We have LIB2 for the week6 (first) LAN.

h3. Academic Talks

-Wednesday early afternoon is no good.
-Pizza should be provided.
-Decided on Wednesday 6-8pm.
-Sinjo has offered to do a talk in week 2.
-MrWilson will sort external talks.
-Connor has offered to do a talk.
-Need tiered room, S0.19 suggested.

h3. Computing Society Funds:

-CompSoc has £4,000.
-We could buy out Coventry University.
-MrWilson: "Why would we buy that?"

h3. Bloomberg:

-A separate meeting is necessary.
-With Sadiq if possible.
-A large venue is required.
-Hiring computers for a day for the programming contest was suggested. (dell?) (Seems unfeasible.)
-We should book LIB2 & LIB1 (for overflow).
-Bloomberg will print publicity.

h3. Term 1 Gaming Tournament:

-Should take place in L3.
-The chairs have been fixed!

h3. Gaming:

-Dirtus proposes:
-Online weekly Steam event, possibly on Thursday.
-Vote for what game people want to play.
-TeamDoherty proposes TF2 lobby system.
*Action*: TeamDoherty to look at this.

h3. Phantom Coach:

-Need to be phoned before next time.
*Action*: Dirtus to phone the Phantom Coach.

h3. Dr Watson’s Data Centre Tour:

-Was popular last year.
*Action*: MrWilson to talk to him.

h3. Backus’ IRC:

-Fyorl wants to delegate the problem.

h3. Minibus Speed Restrictions

-Some minibuses only have speed restrictions in 5th gear, not 4th.

h3. Thought For The Day:

‘If this sheet is not wanted, please recycle it!’