Minutes - 28th November 2013

Posted on 28th November 2013

*Present*: veltas, murtag, ruth, rayhaan, Crumpet, hir, zed0

h1. Academic

-ruth: Progcomp is today, there's a super prize
-ruth: Possible talk from Candle corp next term
-Trip to be booked for week 3 term 2
-Also need to sort out transport
*ACTION*: veltas to look at how payment was done last time and base it on that
-ruth: Ben to do bentime stories

h1. Gaming

-Roger found the remote randomly, was not impressed with us losing it
-Also sofas weren't moved back that day, not good
-Soul Calibur V tournie tomorrow

h1. Tech

-veltas, rayhaan and possibly zed0 off to get bucko rack servers
-argha still corresponding with ITS regarding website problems
-We will replace mailman
*ACTION*: argha to ask if anime still use mailman and remove from them if not
*ACTION*: argha to ask department about storing servers

h1. Social

*ACTION*: Crumpet to change wing wah time for 7
-We should send out an email for Christmas meal: no pub, confirm time
*ACTION*: hir to send email announcing no pub and etc.
-Laserquest was good
-hir: will probably do one next term
*ACTION*: Crumpet to make crash event