Minutes - 27th May 2013

Posted on 27th May 2013

*Present*: ruth, Veltas, "LordCrumpet", Murtag, zed0

h1. Academic

-Ruth: Still waiting on the date of the iLab hackathon to avoid clashing with our own hackathon.
-Ruth has emailed them and will follow this up.
-zed0 happy to do a talk next term.
*ACTION*: zed0 *and* Ruth to do talk next term.
-Ruth: Idea to post past exam paper solutions online.
-Consensus was to do so ensuring permissions from relevant people as we go along, i.e. DCS, professors, etc.
-Hopefully professors will check solutions, maybe provide marking schemes.
-Veltas: Stick email address in with solutions to prompt for corrections.
-We shall be ordering food for upcoming IPSC, held in same place as gaming.

h1. Gaming

*ACTION*: buy Wiimote, 4 Wiimote Plus adapters, rechargeable AA batteries for Wiimotes as well as spares to allow continuous use whilst recharging.
-Turns out the shipping was really expensive for the Guitar Hero drum peddles, going to buy two cheap drum peddles instead.
-zed0 has decided to attempt to fix the current drum peddle.
-Gaming Officer is now officially Crumpet.
-Future sessions of gaming where Crumpet and Murtag are unavailable will quite possibly be covered by kind ex-exec.
-Ruth: Having at least one exec there is preferable, even if ex-exec are entrusted with clean-up, or maybe just nudge people out the door *before* 10am?

h2. BFL

-Ruth: We should do some kind of a hacking project during BFL.
-Main prize at BFL will be a £20 Steam wallet voucher, purchased.
*ACTION*: Veltas to email pretty much everyone in the universe for possible sponsorship of BFL.

h1. Tech

-Murtag: Should convince DCS to give us alternate boot to Windows in gaming room.
-zed0: Situation is; Windows is a no-go, even Ubuntu would work better (in USB-boot), but still security concerns from DCS.
*ACTION*: Argha to give Crumpet normal exec account privileges so he can, e.g., add himself to contact page.
*ACTION*: Crumpet to add himself on contact page.

h1. Social

-BBQ can't be booked on-campus for allotted time.
-zed0: Is kindly going to host the BBQ at his house, instead.
-booked football pitch for 11-12 this Sunday (that's the midday 11-12, not night football).
-Crash running this Saturday, Ruth is going so will be a society thing.

h1. Miscellaneous

*ACTION*: Veltas to make newsletter for upcoming stuff as well as BFL sign-ups open.